BOPIS is an acronym for buy online, pick-up in store.

Now that we know where it comes from, BOPIS is a great strategy for brick and mortar stores, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. It allows customers to search for products online, check them out, learn more about them and then make the purchase. They either pay for the products directly online, or they pay when they collect them from the store. 

This is a great option for grocery stores. For instance, customers can enter the retailer’s app, select all of the products they need, and come to the store in an hour or two and just collect the products. 


How does BOPIS work? 

   1.Customers search and order products

Customers have the liberty to select products. In case these products are groceries, they can also leave a note and mention the quantity of the product and any other details. 

   2.The store prepares the order

If every item is found in one store, that store simply prepares the order. When a product is out of stock, the customer is contacted and asked if they would like to purchase an alternative product. If they want a certain specific product that is not available, the store can order it from the warehouse or from another store. Finally, they notify the customer that the order is completed.

   3. Order pick up

Customers come inside the store, at a designated pick-up area and they grab their products and pay for them in case they haven’t done it already online. Some retailers even go a step further and offer curbside pick-up so customers can drive to the location and receive the order without even leaving their car. 


Why is BOPIS important? 

BOPIS is a great strategy for brick and mortar retailers because it allows them to increase sales. Because they know their order is already prepared, shoppers might want to buy other products once they enter the store. Also, it lowers shipping costs for retailers. 

BOPIS allows customers to shop faster and more efficiently and that is why it increases customer satisfaction. 

Some of the biggest retailers already implemented BOPIS. Among them is Walmart that also offers curbside pick-up. Customers can order directly on Walmart’s website. Another big retail chain that implemented BOPIS is Target. The retailer also had an app where customers can purchase the products.