Advertising specialties

Advertising specialties

They are promotional products that are offered for free in order to increase brand awareness. These free products must contain your logo, the name of your brand or company, and a short message if you want. 

Advertising specialties must not be confused with samples that are small quantities of the product you sell. Both advertising specialties and samples are offered for free, but the first is for brand awareness, while the other is a type of brand activation in-store

Why are advertising specialists important?

Using promotional products helps you attract more customers and increase brand awareness. Also, it’s an ongoing brand exposure because people who received the products will continue to use them and others might also see them. 

Unlike other types of advertising, specialty advertising has a low cost and offers great results. It can increase brand loyalty if the products you offer are of high quality. 

Types of advertising specialties?

There are a lot of types of advertising specialties. The most common product used is the pen. How many times have you received a pen that had the name of a store or the logo of a brand? 

T-Shirts: These are also great products that can be personalized and offered in the store. Some brands even tie a promotion to these products. For instance, if you buy 2 products from the brand you can receive a T-shirt and a mug with their logo.

Mugs: Mugs are also used by different businesses, from car dealerships to FMCG brands.