Adaptive selling

Adaptive selling

This is a client-center sale approach. Adaptive selling means adapting your sales strategy depending on the type of customer, the sales situation, and the feedback received from the shoppers. 

It’s essential to understand the social style of the shopper in order to adapt the sales strategy. 

eCommerce platforms, for instance, rely on Big Data to adapt their sales strategy. When a user clicks on a certain category a few times, the platform knows what their interests are. 

Why is adaptive selling important?

Adaptive selling improves customer service and, of course, customer satisfaction. This type of selling is mostly used for products that can be personalized or for large purchases. For instance, car dealerships often use adaptive selling. 

This approach focuses on the needs and wants of customers instead of focusing solely on selling more. Everybody is unique and that is why sales professionals need to know how to adapt and convince every type of customer. 

When you sell adaptively, you are able to convert more leads because you are adapting to their needs. Also, it’s the best way to promote cross-selling and up-selling. Adapting the selling approach will help you resonate with the buyer and will show you what other products they might need. 

Adaptive selling is a great way to increase brand trust and customer loyalty. Putting the customer first helps you build a relationship with the shoppers.