Meet Tokinomo Shelfobot at In-store Asia Trade Fair

We are excited to announce that you can meet Tokinomo at In-Store Asia Trade Fair from June 1st to June 3rd, 2023. Thanks to our partner Classic Display Systems Private Limited, you can check out our innovative POSM at the trade fair and see how you can make your campaigns more engaging. 

In-Store Asia 2023

In-store Asia, the largest trade fair in the Indian subcontinent for retail resources and investments in store design, visual merchandising, and in-store marketing, attracts a significant number of senior decision-makers from various sectors. 

With over 4,500 retailers, consultants, service providers, and manufacturers in attendance, this event serves as a comprehensive platform for industry professionals. It brings together leading retail solution providers from India and beyond, creating a space for collaboration and knowledge sharing. 

The event addresses current retail trends in India and globally, while also hosting the prestigious VM&RD Retail Design Awards & VM Challenge, which recognizes outstanding talent in the field of visual merchandising and retail design.

As part of the EuroShop trade fair family, known as the world's number one retail trade fair, In-store Asia benefits from being connected to the largest network of events dedicated to the investment needs of the retail industry. 

Why you should visit Tokinomo Shelfobot at the trade fair

Tokinomo Shelfobot is an engaging, innovative, and customizable POSM designed for creative in-store marketing campaigns. This powerful in-store robot offers endless opportunities when it comes to creating campaigns that actually speak to the shoppers in-store. 

You should check out Tokinomo Shelfobot at InStore Asia if you want to: 

  • Create engaging campaigns
  • Increase engagement in-store
  • Lift sales 
  • Launch a new product in an innovative way
  • Raise brand awareness

Contact us to discover how you can use Tokinomo Shelfobot in your next campaign. 

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