Tokinomo signs strategic partnership with dunnhumby Italy

We are excited to announce dunnhumby as our new partner in Italy in a strategic partnership that will allow Italian brands to better engage with shoppers at the point of sale. 

A leading data science and customer-centric solutions company, dunnhumby specializes in transforming consumer data into actionable insights for businesses.  

Leveraging advanced analytics and cutting-edge technology, dunnhumby helps clients optimize their marketing strategies, enhance customer experiences, and drive business growth. 

As part of the global dunnhumby network, the Italian business, the retail media agency of Carrefour, combines local market expertise with a commitment to innovation, delivering valuable solutions that enable businesses to thrive in dynamic, consumer-driven markets.

This new partnership extends our existing collaboration with dunnhumby whose Hungarian business, Tesco’s retail media agency, is also a partner to Tokinomo.

"In line with our mission to provide customers with the latest, most creative, and effective retail media solutions, the partnership with Tokinomo is a crucial step to elevate the retail experience to a new level.

Together, we're not just shaping customer experiences; we're revolutionizing the way businesses connect with their audiences. This partnership empowers retailers to unlock new dimensions of engagement and efficiency, making every interaction meaningful in the dynamic world of consumer-centric strategies."

Aleksandra Wadolowska, Regional Media Client Services Manager EMEA at dunnhumby

dunnhumby Italy chooses Shelfobot to front Bauli campaign 

To put the capabilities of our Shelfobot robot technology to the test, dunnhumby Italy implemented a product launch campaign for Bauli, a renowned Italian brand synonymous with quality and tradition in baked goods with a rich heritage dating back to 1922. 

Through its commitment to using premium ingredients and time-honored recipes, Bauli has become a household name, celebrated for its authentic Italian flavors and innovative twists on classic treats.

Bauli was launching a new croissant range with 50% more filling than before and also introducing a new pistachio-flavoured croissant. 

To promote this new product in-store, Dunnhumby used Tokinomo Shelfobot which brought the Bauli products to life at the point of purchase across a 10-day campaign in Milan at the Carrefour Hypermarket - Assago. 

Tokinomo Shelfobot helped Bauli share catchy messages directly with shoppers in-store: 

“Hello! I'm the new Bauli croissant with PISTACHIO cream...Finally, the flavor you've been waiting for has arrived. Try me!"


“As the Partner Success Manager at Tokinomo, it's incredibly exciting to see our shelf advertising robot in action, especially in collaboration with a reputable brand like Bauli. Conducting our pilot campaign in Italy with a brand of Bauli's caliber, known for its rich legacy, is a great start for us. 

The partnership with Dunnhumby marks a strategic step forward, and I look forward to the continued success and growth that it will certainly bring to both parties.”

Corina Mihalache, Partner Success Manager at Tokinomo

The implementation of Shelfobot for the Bauli campaign serves as a compelling example of the effectiveness of the ongoing collaboration between Tokinomo and dunnhumby.

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