Amazing shopper activation campaigns in Turkey

The most innovative shopper activation solution is coming to the shelves in Turkey. Thanks to our new distributor, Plus Scope, shoppers will be able to discover a new experience in brick and mortar stores. 

Retailers and brands can now benefit from Tokinomo, a robotic POP display designed for brand activations. By combining light, sound, and motion technology, Tokinomo allows brands to promote their products in unique ways. With the help of Tokinomo, products are brought to life in grocery stores. Shoppers will be amazed to see that products suddenly start talking to them. 

Plus Scope, our new distributor in Turkey, decided to bring this innovative solution for its clients. Thanks to them, brands and retailers will be able to increase customer engagement at the point of sale. 

About Plus Scope

Plus Scope was founded under the name of Retail Plus in 2011. In 10 years the company provided in-store observation solutions exclusively to Nielsen clients such as Coca-Cola, Ülker, Eti, Tuborg, Diageo, Migros, Starbucks, J&J, and many others in more than 200 projects, with more than a million retail outlet visits. 

They deliver a wide range of solutions on field marketing, consumer research, and data analytics by combining their own technology and operations.

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