Brand activations in-store in Israel

We are excited to announce that Tokinomo is now available in Israel. Our new partner, RAS Retail Solutions, discovered Tokinomo and wanted to bring it back to Israel for its clients. Thanks to Tokinomo, retailers and brands can now create amazing brand activation campaigns in stores and markets in Israel. 

RAS entered the world of retail in 2012, with the entire goal of changing the standard used in Israel when it comes to the tools available to business owners who specialize in retail and food retail. Because RAS wants to make a difference, they decided to make Tokinomo available for brands and retailers in Israel. 

Brand activations, in-store marketing campaigns, in-store promotions, and other advertising campaigns can be implemented with the help of Tokinomo. Our brand activation robotic POSM helps increase engagement and sales, right at the point of purchase, because of its sound, motion, and light technologies. 

We can’t wait to see what types of campaigns RAS Retail Solutions is going to implement in Israel with the help of Tokinomo!

About RAS Retail Solutions

RAS Retail Solutions wants to bring innovative solutions to Israel. They combine the old and the new, to create amazing campaigns in-stores. RAS Retail Solutions works with dominant players in the Israeli market to bring a variety of solutions from the creators of the largest manufacturers and suppliers in the world.

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