The ShopX Conference 2021: FMCG Brands Must Be Bold To Survive In The New Normal

If you thought attracting shoppers’ attention before the pandemic was tough, well, I’m afraid to say, things have got a lot tougher.

Consumers’ habits have changed - a lot!

The pandemic forced some of even the most stubborn consumers who rejected buying things online to adapt to the new normal and embrace the convenience of buying stuff from their couches.

Also, due to many factors such as panic buying, people seem to care more about availability than they do about price and quality — which, not too long ago, were the driving factors of purchasing decisions.

So how should brands stand out once again on shop floors and change buying habits?


It’s all about protecting your market share by connecting consumer needs with product solutions, keeping them engaged, and tailoring your commerce strategy for a positive customer experience.

Ionut Vlad, the CEO of Tokinomo, is giving a presentation at The ShopX Conference about the challenges that brands face today and how they can approach The New Normal in bold and creative ways.

The ShopX Conference online event will be held on Wednesday, 22 September 2021.

The event will host many retail thought leaders sharing their personal experiences, tips, and tricks on attracting customers and increasing sales.

They’ll cover questions such as:

  • What is changing, and what remains the same in the retail market?
  • What are the new global trends in retail?
  • What is the new digital reality in B2C?
  • How do AI technologies and AR applications enhance CX?
  • What clever techniques strengthen customer engagement?

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