Pearl Promotion brings Tokinomo robots to Germany

We are happy to announce we have partnered with Pearl Promotion, a leading Trade Marketing company in Germany. Pearl Promotion will offer the distribution of Tokinomo robots and management of Tokinomo in-store marketing campaigns to regional FMCG brands and grocery retailers. 

Nina Valeska Sterling, managing director of Pearl Promotion said:

“Retail has been faced with an acute need of digitization last year and this will go on in 2021 as well. Brick and mortar stores have to seriously innovate in order to stay competitive and we are here to help by offering the only real advertising innovation the market has seen in years. Tokinomo is a magical combination of physical and digital technology that makes shoppers connect to the products advertised. We are happy to be the pioneers of retail innovation in Germany.” 

Tokinomo in-store marketing robots are a patented and award-winning solution for FMCG brands that brings products on the shelf to life. Tokinomo robot is a phygital device that makes a great alternative for sampling campaigns or other in-store promotions involving human reps, especially during pandemic times. 

Germany is a very important market for Tokinomo and I am happy to have Pearl Promotion there to represent us. Tokinomo is a complex solution that performs at its best when you use your creativity to unleash its full potential. Pearl Promotion can and will certainly do that with their clients, so I am confident we will see outstanding results in Germany in no time.”  said Ionut Vlad, CEO of Tokinomo. 

About Pearl Promotion

Pearl Promotion is a company established in 2009 with operations across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Services include sales staff and merchandisers, field service, training of promotional teams, planning and organizing, stock and logistics management. Pearl Promotion provides clients with experienced and dedicated teams and the latest innovations in the field of in-store promotions. 

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