In-store advertising

The ultimate eye-catcher. 


You know how hard it is and how much effort you have to put into attracting customers.

There are hundreds of tasks you and your employees need to complete in order to make sure that customers visit the store and go home delighted. While having enough stock, bringing in newly released products, and offering great customer service are mandatory when it comes to customer satisfaction, there is a problem. 

Customers are no longer paying attention while shopping.

Did you know that our attention span is narrowing due to the abundance of information?  

This doesn’t leave you with a lot of options to catch the (short) attention of your customer. You need to do something special since people no longer get distracted by simple, dull in-store displays. 

How can you catch the eyes of your customers? 

In-store advertising! 

In-store advertising helps you engage with your customers, capture their attention and provide the WOW factor. However, this happens only when it is done right!

82% of buying decisions are made in-store.

This means that while people might have a shopping list with them, it is not as important as the products they find in-store. They make their decisions after entering a brick-and-mortar shop. 

82% of buying decisions are made in-store.


You can make them change their mind and purchase more or you can make them frustrated and leave without any products. It is up to you and your in-store marketing strategy. 

Even when you are using old-school in-store advertising tools like displays, banners, or aisle blades, your sales will (slightly) increase. However, new types of in-store advertising solutions can help you make the most of your campaign and really lift your sales.

Apart from increasing sales, an in-store advertising campaign can help you: 

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Engage with customers 
  • Convert undecided shoppers

Leverage impulse buy 

Impulse buy is common. Customers see a product, they like it, they put it in the cart and don’t look back. 


Even if they did not want to buy anything else, even if they don’t have the budget for it, impulse buy happens and it happens in brick and mortar stores mainly. 

Did you know that 68 percent of US consumers said their primary location for making impulse buys was “in person in a store”.

People want to see and touch products before purchasing them. Labels, colors, format, and display help shoppers make up their mind and buy. 

You can leverage impulse buy with in-store advertising. 

68 percent of US consumers said their primary location for making impulse buys was “in person in a store. 


Create a path for customers to follow

When it comes to eCommerce, you’ve probably heard about customer journey. Well, when shopping in-store, customers also go on a journey. 

If you create the right path, you can convince them to purchase more and to spend more on high-quality products. 

Displays and layouts can also help you attract the attention of customers while they go on their journey. Being disruptive is not a bad thing, it’s the only way in which you can make your customer switch off their auto-pilot mode. 

Product placement is essential

If you want to leverage impulse buy, you need to find the right place for the products in-store. Brick and mortar shops have the advantage here. While eCommerce platforms place products into categories, you can put them on actual shelves and arrange them in a certain way that is more appealing to the shoppers. 

There are different tactics that can help you encourage an impulse buy. 

For instance, one of the most common product placement tactics is putting small, easy-buy products near the checkout. These items need to have a really low price and be small purchases. Candy, soda cans, chewing gum, or tissues are the ideal candidates for a spot near the checkout. Easy to buy, small, and convenient. 

Another great product placement tactic is putting impulse purchases near in high-demand products. They need to be complementary products. For instance, if you know that most of your customers stop to purchase flour, you should also include some small baking trays or cupcake shapes. 

Use technology!

Do customers no longer engage with old-school in-store advertising solutions? Shoppers come in, buy, and leave? 

It’s time to put technology to the test. IoT devices can help you leverage impulse buy, lift sales, and engage with your customers! 

Give your customers what they want! 

Bring products to life with Tokinomo

Tokinomo is here to help you put your products in the spotlight and delight your customers. 

Our in-store advertising solution is not just a simple tool, it’s much more than that. With a combination of sound, light, and movement technology, Tokinomo is a new in-store advertising channel! 

It gives you the opportunity to:

  • Promote products
  • Showcase in-store deals
  • Engage with customers
  • Know more about your shoppers

This is how: 


Did you know that 68% of customers would be willing to pay 15 percent more for the same product or service if they could be guaranteed a better experience?

Now you don’t have to lower prices to sell more products. All you need is Tokinomo! 

You can customize Tokinomo just the way you want. Write a catchy script, or two, or three, and let Tokinomo do the rest! 

With the help of our cloud-based campaign management platform you can: 

  • change the voice script
  • turn the volume up or down
  • make it move in a different way
  • gather and analyse important data
  • access your campaign anytime, anywhere

68% of customers would be willing to pay 15 percent more for the same product or service if they could be guaranteed a better experience


Gain competitive advantage

There are a lot of brands, products, promotions, deals, and offers. How can you gain a competitive advantage? 

By using Tokinomo! 

You will be able to offer something that your competitors can’t: Real-time connections. 

Tokinomo can dance, move, talk to, and highlight your products. Imagine your customers walking down the sweets aisle. They are not engaged, they are just completing a chore. What makes them stop and stare? A simple display that says 30% off on cereals or the bag of cereal talking to them? We believe that the second one has more impact. 

Don’t take out word for it, just look at the stats:

In-store advertising can increase sales by up to 75%

With Tokinomo you can increase sales by 200%, on average!

Get creative with your in-store advertising campaigns! This is how you turn stopping power into shopping power! You can forget about those dull messages written on a simple display. Tokinomo offers you the possibility to create jaw-dropping campaigns that will make your customers remember you. 

Did you know that 40% of shoppers who see a Tokinomo campaign report remembering the name of the product on display outside the store? 

You can make your products talk with other products or with your customers, to dance on a certain beat, to sing, or to light up. You can design your campaign just the way you want: put your products on a football stadium, on an iceberg or even on a beach. 

Think about what your customers respond to and find a way to better engage with them. 

Why Tokinomo? 

  1. It offers you the possibility to get creative

  2. It increases sales by 200%

  3. It makes customers remember your products

  4. It helps you engage with shoppers

  5. It is easy to set up and monitor

  6. It offers important data 

  7. It gives you remote control via the cloud platform

  8. It’s highly customizable

  9. It helps you innovate

  10. It’s a new in-store advertising channel

Want to promote your products in a creative way? Let Tokinomo help you!

Transform products into storytellers

When it comes to choosing a product, customers don’t rely on just facts but their feelings. Tokinomo’s light, sound and motion capabilities allow brands to better make emotional connections with shoppers. Show off your brand’s values and personality in ways that go beyond static displays and product packaging. With Tokinomo, you can transform your product into a storyteller for your brand.

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