Meet Tempo Design, the new distributor of Tokinomo shelf advertising robots in Singapore

Happy to announce a new partnership with Tempo Design for the distribution and management of Tokinomo-powered in-store marketing campaigns across Singapore. 

Tempo Design Services is a well-established promotion and advertising one-stop solution firm for distributors and brand owners in Singapore. Tempo Design provides full service for physical marketing needs which encompasses design, production, and installation.

In its newly acquired role as a distributor of Tokinomo in-store marketing robots, Tempo Design is a pioneer of retail innovation in Singapore, being the first one to offer the ultimate interactive experiential shelf solution to regional FMCG brands. 

Ionut Vlad, CEO of Tokinomo says: 

“Expanding our horizons and stepping into the Singapore market is an extremely good start for us in 2021. Based on the feedback we have so far, I am extremely confident that Tokinomo robots will make waves in Singapore in no time. FMCG brands and grocery retailers are actively searching for new ways to satisfy their demanding customers, especially during these difficult times we are going through. Tokinomo solves a safety problem since our robots are a touchless way to advertise products in-store and generates joy and engagement in real-time at the point of sale, by offering a memorable shopping experience to the customers. Anxious to see how creative brands will get in Singapore!” 

About Tokinomo

Tokinomo is an innovative in-store marketing solution that challenges the old ways of advertising in-store. Tokinomo robots use sensors, lights, movement, and sound to bring products to life and make them interact with shoppers. 

Results speak for themselves. Tokinomo creates instant shopper engagement, increases product visibility, and generates an average sales lift of +200% across categories. It’s also the only in-store marketing solution that increases shopper engagement during times of Pandemic.

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