Tokinomo has a new partner in the Kingdom of Bahrain

We are pleased to announce we have signed a strategic agreement with Out of the Box, Tokinomo’s new official partner for the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

Out of the Box is an events management, media, and advertisement company specialized in marketing & strategy, promotional activities, and corporate events. 

As a company that provides unique concepts and ideas, by understanding the client’s needs and desires and always exceeding expectations, Out of the Box has had the privilege to work on successful campaigns for reputed clients in Bahrain.


Ionut Vlad, CEO of Tokinomo says: 

“Yet another pin on the world map! Tokinomo is entering new markets and that means there’s a higher request for innovative and disruptive retail technology out there. I am very confident that we will see great campaigns in Bahrain. Not only that our new partner has a work portfolio worthy of its name, but it seems like this partnership was meant to happen since both their company and Tokinomo are so... Out of the Box. We’re a match!” 

About Tokinomo

Tokinomo is an innovative in-store marketing solution that challenges the old ways of advertising in-store. Tokinomo robots use sensors, lights, movement, and sound to bring products to life and make them interact with shoppers. 

Results speak for themselves. Tokinomo creates instant shopper engagement, increases product visibility, and generates an average sales lift of +200% across categories. It’s also the only in-store marketing solution that increases shopper engagement during times of Pandemic.

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