P.O.P. Hungary introduces Tokinomo to local FMCG market

In-store marketing in Hungarian grocery retail is about to receive a shot of innovation, as we have just signed a partnership with P.O.P. Hungary Zrt, one of Hungary’s leading sales support and merchandising agencies. By signing this strategic partnership, P.O.P becomes an official Tokinomo partner and will handle all operations, sales, and management of Tokinomo-powered in-store campaigns for regional consumer goods brands. 

This partnership comes in a context where retail is facing serious challenges and needs to adopt new technologies to cope with the restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Food retailers, brand managers, and trade marketing specialists in Hungary will now have the option of using a Pandemic-proof, safe, efficient, and interactive in-store advertising solution to continue to communicate with shoppers at the point-of-sale. 

Zsolt Simonidesz, CEO of P.O.P said “The moment I first saw the Tokinomo robot I realized I have to bring this technology to Hungary because this is how the future of retail will look like: automated, engaging, and customized. Not to mention the notable benefits that Tokinomo brings to FMCG brands and retailers during these times marked by social-distancing: sales lift above average, increased product visibility, and an amazing effect on shoppers, who smile and enjoy their moment of connection with the talking products on the shelves. Happy to be Tokinomo’s official partner!

Tokinomo robots change the landscape of in-store advertising by bringing more dynamism at the point-of-sale. Other Tokinomo benefits include: 

  • High shopping engagement and increased product visibility in store
  • +200% sales increase on average without price cuts
  • Increased product recognition 
  • Cloud-based campaign management platform
  • Real-time analytics and custom reports
  • 7-10 days-lasting custom-made battery  

We choose very carefully all of our international partners based on some thorough criteria. P.O.P. Hungary checked all the boxes from the very first moments. I just knew they’re going to make great partners for us.” said Ionut Vlad, CEO of Tokinomo. “I am very happy to make this agreement official and to welcome P.O.P. Hungary Zrt. to our network of partners. Needless to say, I am confident that we will be very successful in the Hungarian market.

About P.O.P. Hungary Zrt.

P.O.P. Hungary Zrt. is one of Hungary’s leading sales support agencies with a professional history of more than 20 years. P.O.P has been providing comprehensive functionality and service solutions as outsourcing sales forces, field marketing, consultancy, POS material management, and merchandising over professional industry members. Their mission is to help multinational & local brands to sell more efficiently through strong leadership and expert execution.

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