Masterplan brings Tokinomo to Croatia’s FMCG market

Grocery retail in Croatia is in for a big surprise, as we have just signed a strategic agreement with Masterplan regarding the distribution and management of Tokinomo robotic in-store marketing campaigns requested by regional FMCG brands. 

There was a serious need for innovation in this industry sector, but the pandemic context made the adoption of technology a priority for retailers and FMCG brands. The consumer behavior, legal restrictions and safety regulations cast a shadow on some traditional forms of in-store marketing techniques such as sampling campaigns or hostesses and promoters, thus leaving room for innovative and engaging solutions to deliver change. 

Snježana Hađina, CEO of Masterplan says: 

“I’ve been working in the retail marketing industry for a while and I’ve seen many supposed innovations, but when I first discovered Tokinomo I knew this was something else. I've noticed this reaction from every client we’ve shown it to. It is unique and innovative from so many points of view: engaging, safe, fun, and scalable. But above everything else, it is highly efficient.  We’re looking at a product that besides creating brand awareness and customer engagement, tops everything off with an average of 200% increase in sales. That’s when it really gets your attention.“

Tokinomo shelf advertising robots use sensor technology to detect shoppers' presence and a unique combination of sound, motion, and light to make products pop out of the shelf and speak to the customers. Other benefits include: 

  • High shopping engagement and increased product visibility in store
  • +200% sales increase on average without price cuts
  • Brand awareness and customer loyalty
  • Cloud-based campaign management platform
  • Real-time analytics and custom reports
  • Custom-made battery  

Ionut Vlad, CEO of Tokinomo: 

“I am happy to welcome Masterplan to our select network of partners and see another Tokinomo pin on the world map. The beginning of this collaboration is already very promising and I’m sure that Masterplan’s commitment and our continuous work to improve Tokinomo and add even more technical features will be mirrored in our success on the Croatian market. Thanks for joining our team and making real innovation available to your clients!”

About Masterplan 

Masterplan is a marketing agency with BTL as their core business and area of excellence. Since 2014 they have successfully presented 78 brands in over 25000 promotions and 654 closed projects. The services extend to events, market research, merchandising, sampling, auditing & mystery shopping, design, production and implementation of POS material, uniforms and mascots. Masterplan is keeping up the pace with ever-changing market by keeping their business agile, dynamic and result driven.

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