Stay innovative with Tokinomo

With the massive increase in competition from online sources, in-store marketing agencies working with brands and retailers have to be more strategic and innovative. Only by staying on the cutting edge of new technologies and strategies can you meet customers’ needs more effectively and help them stay ahead of eCommerce trends.

With Tokinomo in your portfolio, in-store marketing agencies not only have an additional revenue stream but can also provide their customers with an innovative solution that will help them increase sales.

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Differentiate your agency

The in-store marketing niche is fierce with competition, with marketers relying on the same strategies, processes, and technologies to get their customers results. Tokinomo is new kind of marketing solution that helps in-store marketing agencies move ahead of the competition by offering your clients something other agencies can’t. Be an early adopter and become a Tokinomo partner now (tomorrow is fine as well).

Increased customer satisfaction

Whether you’re working with retailers or brands, keeping your customers happy is key to long-term collaboration and generating new business. Tokinomo can help your customers increase engagement, brand awareness and sales, while at the same time collecting valuable data. Give your customers what they need to succeed. They’ll thank you for it.



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