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Outsmart your competition

With the massive increase in competition from online sources, in-store marketing agencies working with brands and retailers have to be more strategic and innovative.

With Tokinomo in their portfolio, in-store marketing agencies not only have an additional revenue stream but can also provide their customers with an innovative solution that will help them increase sales.

Evolve and adapt to the NEW normal

The Pandemic changed the customer behavior and expectations. Brands need new innovative solutions to engage and inspire customers to buy their products, while complying with the social distancing regulations. Tokinomo robot is the perfect in-store marketing solution to upgrade your portfolio and keep your clients happy. 

See what Tokinomo can do for you!

Manage the campaigns from your office

Each Tokinomo device is connected wirelessly to our data servers, which means you can change campaign settings like audio files, sound volume, and motion patterns remotely so you can monitor the campaign at all times, irrespective of the number of locations it is implemented in. 

Our cloud platform will also show analytics data for each robot in real-time in customized reports easy to send to your clients. 

Easy installation
for your team

After reading a brief set of instructions, literally anyone can install a Tokinomo in-store marketing robot on the shelf of a supermarket. 

Tokinomo's Mobile App helps your staff verify the functionalities of the robot in a couple of minutes, by just pressing a few buttons.  Read a full review about us.

Using this robotic display increased sales compared to the control group for the product advertised by 75% in 2 weeks. It also provided a safe and engaging shopping experience for Tesco shoppers.
Andras Juhasz
András Juhász
Media Planning Manager Dunnhumby Media
The results have been remarkable: impressive sales lift during the activations and a great experiential impact on the customers. We will continue to develop modern in-store activation solutions and we are happy Tokinomo is one of them.
Tiberiu Danetiu
Tiberiu Danetiu
Marketing Director Auchan
We believe that the performance of the Tokinomo device was significantly above average, doubling the market share for the overall brand versus the same period of last year. It can be said that it is a lot more efficient than a promotion.
Pachitanu George
Pachitanu George Ciprian
Senior Customer Development Manager Johnson&Johnson

What can our robot do
for your clients?

Increase product visibility

50% of shoppers passing by the shelf notice the product advertised with Tokinomo. 

Boost shopper engagement

30% of shoppers interact with the advertised product and consider the acquisition. 

Generate 10 times more sales

Tokinomo robots generate on average a +200% increase in sales, with no price cuts. 

Improve shopping experience

Tokinomo-powered campaigns have a positive effect on shoppers. 

Top FMCG brands have chosen Tokinomo

Giants of the FMCG industry are already using Tokinomo, enjoying outstanding results!

Discover some of our case studies and see for yourself the impact our in-store marketing robot has not just in sales, but also in terms of customer experience and shopper engagement. 

Be a part of our success and let’s write together the future of retail! 

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