Retail Business Technology Expo is the must attend event for all retail professionals. Here you can see, feel, hear and touch the future of customer experience, you can try out the tech and meet the people to make it happen. Retailers who want to keep up to date with the latest solutions are here. The information here is relevant for all members of the team responsible for taking or influencing purchasing decisions.

Tokinomo attended this edition and even won the RBTE's Innovation & Trail Awards 2018.. The jury comprised some of the key people in the industry so we are very proud.

“Each year RBTE’s Innovation and Trail Awards celebrates and rewards the innovative solutions and leading technologies that are redefining the retail sector and supporting its digital evolution.” Caroline Baldwin Editor, Essential Retail

Tokinomo is the ultimate robot for in-store marketing campaigns. Using a unique combination of technologies, sensors, motion, light and sound, Tokinomo brings products to life on the shelf by giving them a voice and a personality and allows them to interact with the shoppers in a truly memorable way.

With a bit of creativity our in-store marketing display can transform any product into a storyteller. A great alternative for human promoters. An innovative way to reveal to customers the story behind the product.

Besides doing an amazing job to delight shoppers through creative marketing experiences, Tokinomo is also one of the most efficient POP marketing solutions, as it manages to boost sales with an average of 200%.

Each Tokinomo device is connected wirelessly to our data servers, which means you can change campaign settings like audio files, sound volume and motion pattern remotely and have real-time access to data, so you can monitor the campaign at all times, irrespective of the number of locations it is implemented in.

We partner with global retailers, in-store marketing agencies and FMCG brands to increase brand awareness and sales. Our patented, certified and award-winning device provides real-time campaign analytics and is easily managed remotely.


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