Walmart Innovation Summit is attended by Walmart Leadership and directors from across the company. The Summit features networking opportunities with Walmart executives & associates. 

The participants have the opportunity to showcase their products, services or solutions for this industry to the largest retailer in the world. The main focus includes several solutions ranging from AI to automation and augmented reality.

We had the chance to be there among other relevant participants and present our innovative in-store solution, to meet key people from Walmart Canada and US and also compare ourselves with the best innovations in retail. The feedback we got was excellent and the Walmart people were very excited about our solution. 

Tokinomo is a robot designed for grocery retail that creates immersive in-store experiential marketing campaigns. Using a unique combination of technologies, sensors, motion, light and sound, Tokinomo brings products to life on the shelf by giving them a voice and a personality and allows them to interact with the shoppers in a truly memorable way.