The 15th annual edition of the Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit took place on June 18-20 in New York. A world renowned event designed for brands and retailers of the world to help them better understand the consumer driven world we live in. 

Trying to answer the question: what drives success in a market where the rules are constantly changing dramatically and shopper engagement takes a new spin, CGSM hosted a series of amazing speakers, conferences and labs and finally  got an answer: it’s INNOVATION.

We are honoured to have been invited to this edition of Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit to present Tokinomo as one of the most innovative retail tech solutions in the world.

It was a huge privilege to be among so many established companies from the industry and meet our potential customers.

The feedback we got was great and gave us so much more confidence in the future of our robotic in-store solution.

Tokinomo is an IOT device designed for grocery retail that brings products to life at the shelf and it was included in CGSM’s “Tip of the spear technology” showcase.


Thanks so much for having us!


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