Robotic POS display, Tokinomo, is coming to Greece

Tokinomo robots are coming to Greek supermarkets! Our new partner from Greece, Glove Retail, saw the benefits of using innovative solutions like Tokinomo and wanted to make this robot available for its clients. 

The retail industry is dynamic and intensely competitive. Savvy retail operators turn to Glove Retail for help in meeting customer demands, tracking consumer trends, and taking advantage of advanced technology for marketing, security, and digital purposes. With 35 experts working in 11 countries from 4 offices, Glove Retail manages to innovate, integrate, and customize solutions that position their clients to rise above all the rest.

We are excited to partner with Glove Retail because they’ve created top-performing in-store campaigns for multiple renowned brands, including Pernod Richard and Fromageries Bel

“We are extremely proud to grow our portfolio of innovative retail solutions with our strategic partnership with #Tokinomo marketing robots. Remaining true to our commitment to excellence, we always make every effort to bring to the table the latest technology solutions and niche products for our clients to thrive.”

Hana Visviki, CEO of Glove Retail

Tokinomo offers an innovative solution for in-store brand activations that can increase sales by an average of 200%. The robotic POSM can help brands create engaging and entertaining campaigns right at the point of sale. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Glove Retail into Tokinomo’s “international family”. Our new strategic partnership in Greece is going to help local retailers and brands create astonishing campaigns. We can’t wait to see what campaigns Glove Retail implements with the help of Tokinomo robots.”

 Ionut Vlad, CEO of Tokinomo


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