Advertising robots for in-store activations in Spain

More advertising robots are traveling to Spain. Thanks to our new partner, Marketing Valley, brands and retailers from Spain can now use brand activation robots to engage with their customers. 

Robotic in-store activations in Spain

With the help of Tokinomo, retailers and brands can implement unique in-store marketing campaigns that will amaze shoppers. Apart from engaging shoppers, in-store campaigns implemented with Tokinomo can increase sales by 200%, without price cuts.

We can’t wait to see what campaigns Marketing Valley implements with the help of Tokinomo robots. Spanish shoppers, look out for advertising robots inside brick and mortar stores!

"The brand activation robot "Tokinomo" and its team have proven to be the perfect strategic partner for in-store marketing promos. An opportunity to build a strong relationship and grow together in the Spanish market. Thank you, team! Let's go to the top!"

Borja Garcia Almenar, Director of Marketing Valley. 

About Marketing Valley

Marketing Valley is an agency that offers full marketing services and business strategy for brands in the offline and online ecosystem with a strong specialization in the design and development of multi-sector projects, with clear expertise in the in-store marketing field.

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