Supermarket chain Masymas offers the most effective solution for launching new products in-store

Masymas announced last week to become the first supermarket chain in Spain to offer Tokinomo promotional robots to their suppliers. Masymas is working to make its shelves profitable, providing suppliers with the most effective solution for launching new products in-store. Tokinomo robotic POSM creates a different and more emotional shopping experience with the brand and improves communication with the shoppers.

Masymas (Hijos de Luis Rodríguez), based in Llanera, has 1.800 employees. It currently offers its services to more than 300.000 families in Asturias and León from its 53 masymas supermarkets. Masymas services professional customers throughout the region through its cash&carry and MyCash establishments and brings the product closer to customers in more remote areas through the network of 71 franchises, MyM, and minymas stores, in addition to the wholesale distribution network.

The first robotic in-store advertising project in Masymas was launched in June for Procter & Gamble and it’s Fairy “Upside Down” (boca abajo) product. According to the supermarket’s data, the increase in sales has been spectacular, reaching +70% in just two weeks. Other campaigns carried out have given even better results, reaching +130% sales lift in the case of Mahou San Miguel IPA beer.

Guillermo Bartolomé, head of the project and customer loyalty at Masymas (Hijos de Luis Rodríguez) mentioned that: "our positioning is that of a manufacturer's brand and we work side by side with brands to try to surprise customers and offer them new experiences that are attractive and profitable for them, but also for brands. This project is an ideal tool to give visibility to new products that meet new market needs and provide customers with a better quality of life

Brands, shoppers, and retailers can all enjoy Tokinomo! Innovative retailers chose the best solutions for their in-store campaigns and brand activations. Considering that customers spend less time in-store and that prices have increased, only creative campaigns can attract their attention. This is exactly what Masymas (Hijos de Luis Rodríguez) considered when they tested out Tokinomo. 

Tokinomo, the robotic POP display promotes products on supermarkets’ shelves. It is the most effective solution for launching new products in-store, ensuring a notable increase in brand awareness and sales. The robot increases brand visibility and surprises the customer, attracting their attention at the point of purchase and interacting with them to create a brand-customer relationship.

“We are proud to call Masymas as one of our first supermarket-chain partners and are really happy about how the consumer goods market in Spain responds to our in-store marketing solutions. This grocery retailer provides suppliers with an effective brand activation solution for launching new products, while offering shoppers an amazing experience. The brand awareness and sales lift results speak for themselves and this is just the beginning of Masymas and Tokinomo’s journey. We can’t wait to see mas y mas campaigns!”

Ionut Vlad, CEO of Tokinomo

The news was picked up by in-store publications in Spain, such as:

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