Square Design is bringing Tokinomo’s brand activation solution to Bulgaria

We are happy to welcome Square Design into Tokinomo’s global partner family. Square Design is going to be our newest distributor in Bulgaria. In-store activations and marketing campaigns are not going to look the same in Bulgarian stores. Tokinomo’s creative solution will help Bulgarian brands promote their products in a unique way. 

“The chance to introduce Tokinomo to the Bulgarian market is a real reason to get hyped. The people who work for this brand really care and have very creative minds. This gives us confidence that we can be inspired without limitation when it’s all about bringing the products on the shelf to life.”

 Diana Shushkova, Marketing ideas provider at Square Design

Tokinomo wants to help promote products creatively right at the point of sale. Our mission is to help brands and retailers from all over the world and our partners are an essential part of this mission. 

“We want to welcome Square Design as our new partner in Bulgaria. We believe in their desire to help their customers find inventive solutions for their campaigns. Square Design is bringing innovative solutions to the Bulgarian market and we can’t wait to see the campaigns they will implement.”

Ionut Vlad, CEO of Tokinomo

About Square Design

Square Design creates products that complete the brands at the end point of sale. They take each client’s challenge as an opportunity to turn ideas into well-done realizations. Square Design's mission is to offer a wide range of customized solutions for its customers. They focus on individualism in the brand's way of working which provokes their minds to present it in the best possible way by implementing POS projects.

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