POP Displays of the future


Robotic displays: Are they fiction or reality?

Cardboard POP displays have been around for decades. Even from the first retail chains that opened back in the 20s, you could see different campaigns portrayed on cardboard POP displays. Unfortunately, brick and mortar stores didn’t really up their game once eCommerce knocked on the door. 

Technology is evolving constantly and it is designed to help us. That’s why physical stores have started to put more emphasis on innovation. 

Robots inside the store are no longer a sci-fi scenario. However, most of them are used for customer support or stocking. What if we told you that there is a robot that can help you increase sales directly, not indirectly like the stocking robot? 

A robotic POP display is not a fantasy for retail chains that want to innovate. This is why, for 2021, we believe that it is time for robotic displays to become the new, more evolved version of the good-old POP display. 

Tokinomo is the ultimate robotic POS display that you didn’t know you needed. By combining light, motion, and sound technologies, Tokinomo offers you much more than a regular POP display can. 


Tokinomo is indeed one of the POS displays of the future:

  • It attracts more customers
  • It interacts with shoppers
  • It lets your products speak for themselves
  • It makes customers remember your brand
  • It offers real-time data
  • It increases sales by 200%

The best part of using the POP displays of the future? You can do it all online, when you want, on any device with the help of our cloud-based platform. A campaign can be set up in a few minutes, once the device is placed inside the store and it’s holding the product. 

On the cloud-based platform, you can add audio files that Tokinomo will use to present your product, you can also make the product dance or move in a certain way. The lightning can also be adjusted to fit your campaign. 

Customer engagement: Are your shoppers engaged by regular POP displays?

Did you know that over 70 percent of purchase decisions are made in-store as a result of visual and emotional stimuli?

Yes, people know that they have to buy cheese and milk, but they don’t write the brand on their grocery list. Also, what if they heard a product talking to them? How many of them would just walk away without at least checking out the product? 

When it comes to regular cardboard POP displays, dump bins, or shelf-talkers, people tend to walk past them without turning their heads. This is because people got used to them, they see them every day, in every store. 

A robotic POS display like Tokinomo is hard to ignore! 


Customers don’t just walk past Tokinomo, they stop and stare, talk to it, take photos, and share their experience with their friends and family. 


Because Tokinomo manages to do something that other types of POP displays can’t: it actually interacts with customers and it keeps them engaged for a few moments. Old-school POP displays can’t do that because they can’t move, can’t speak out an audio message, and can’t monitor when visitors pass by. 

We’ve said it and will say it again: customers are looking for an experience when they step inside the store, they don’t want just to buy products, they want to have the whole shopping experience. 

Think about how Tokinomo is going to surprise them and make them remember the name of your brand.

Data: The essential thing that’s missing from regular POS

There’s another thing that regular POP displays can’t offer you: relevant data. These POS displays can’t track, monitor, and share data so you won’t be able to know how your campaign is performing. You will just be able to calculate incremental rate and marginal ROI at the end of the campaign.

This doesn’t allow you to make changes during the in-store promotion, adjust the price, spend more (or less) on promotion, change the whole campaign, or make a few tweaks to the message.

Since Tokinomo comes with a cloud-based platform that offers you data in real-time, it’s going to be easy to monitor your in-store marketing campaign and make changes as you go. You won’t even have to walk inside the store to change the audio message. You can do it directly on the platform and the message will be changed on all of your Tokinomo devices. Think about how much time you spared. 

Why is data so important? Because it is the only way in which you can be sure that your campaign is performing well and that it has a great return on investment. As we’ve mentioned before, most in-store promotions tend to cost a lot of money and have a pretty low ROI. This is also caused by the fact that it is almost impossible to monitor in real-time the performance of the campaign. 

With a POS display like Tokinomo you don’t have to guess how the promotion is performing, all you have to do is check the cloud-based platform and know for sure. 

Comparison time: Regular POS vs Tokinomo

If you are still not convinced that Tokinomo is one of the POP displays of the future, let’s just compare it to a regular cardboard POP display. 





Regular cardboard POP displays

Robotic display Tokinomo

Engagement level

It doesn’t increase customer engagement

It is the most engaging in-store advertising solution

Data/real-time insights

It doesn’t offer data or any type of insights

It offers insights in real-time in the cloud-based platform

Interaction with customers

It doesn’t interact with customers

It interacts with shoppers and attracts their attention

Communicates the benefits of the product

It can’t communicate all of the benefits on the written message

It can communicate all of the benefits in the audio message which can be longer than the one written on the cardboard

Easy to deploy/ set up

Easy to set-up

Easy to deploy

Average lift in sales 

20% - 30% with price cuts

200% with no price cuts

Brand awareness/brand trust

Customers barely remember the name of the product, not the brand

40% of customers remember the name of the brand

Easy to modify during a campaign

Can’t be modified during a campaign. Needs to be changed completely.

Easy to modify at any time during the campaign


Colors and messages can be changed

It’s highly customizable, even after the campaign started

Are you choosing old-school or innovating with Tokinomo?

The point of purchase (POP) represents the time and space in which all the elements of the sale—the customers, the money, and the products—are together. This is a crucial moment and space for retailers and brands alike. The Point of sale (POS) represents the place where the transaction happens. This can be near the cash register. 

POP or POS displays don’t have to be limited to cardboards, digital displays, or dump bins. By choosing to innovate and amaze your customers with a robotic POP display, you will be able to stay on top of the competition and give shoppers a different experience. 

Unlike a regular display, Tokinomo offers you multiple options when it comes to promoting your products. You can create whatever scenario you want, change it at any time, and monitor the campaign daily. Innovative, easy to set up, and amazing at converting customers, Tokinomo is the POP display of the present and the future! 

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