Tokinomo joins Plug and Play Japan for the Brands and Retail Winter/Spring 2022 Accelerator Program

The start-up behind the most innovative POSM, Tokinomo, was selected by Plug and Play Japan for their Brands and Retail Winter/Spring 2022 Accelerator Program. A total of 67 start-ups from various industries, including Fintech and Retail, were selected in the larger batch. Tokinomo is among the top 12 startups that have been selected to the Batch 6 of Plug and Play Japan Brand & Retail Program.

Plug and Play Japan Brand & Retail Batch 6

43,3% of the selected start-ups are from Japan (29 startups), while 56,7% of the start-ups are from overseas. This year, Plug and Play selected startups from all over the world, including the US and Romania. 

To help startups develop and grow, Plug and Play offers full access to events and various seminars such as networking sessions, business matching meetings, mentoring sessions, workshops, etc. 49 corporate partners selected the startups for this Accelerator Program.

Once the program is done, all of the startups that are selected will present their accomplishments at the Plug and Play Japan's Summit. 

About Plug and Play Japan

Plug and Play Japan was established in 2017 as a subsidiary of Plug and Play, which is a global innovation platform headquartered in Silicon Valley. The major strength of this program is to provide "consortium-type programs with our extensive global network" and support startups through “Venture Capital Investment.”

By working closely with over 45 official corporate partners, Plug and Play Japan supports Japanese and international startups to scale their businesses and to enhance collaboration with industry-leading corporations.

Tokinomo at Plug and Play Japan Winter/Spring 2022

Plug and Play Japan Winter/Spring 2022

Tokinomo is among the 67 start-ups that were selected for this batch. It is a great opportunity for Tokinomo to develop business partnerships and to grow to its full potential. Also, at Plug and Play Japan, Tokinomo can benefit from meeting the corporate partners and connecting with the other start-ups. 

“We are honored that Tokinomo was selected by Plug and Play Japan for the Winter/Spring 2022 Accelerator program. We are excited to network with other great startup owners and with corporate partners. It is a great opportunity for us and I am looking forward to the workshops and the mentoring sessions. Plug and Play Japan is an amazing program for startups from all around the world.”

-Tokinomo’s CEO, Ionut Vlad

About Tokinomo

Tokinomo is a global award-winning in-store, interactive, brand activation POS Display startup. Their patented and CSA-certified robotic solution for supermarket shelf advertising and POP marketing uses sensor technology with a combination of sound, motion, and light to bring products to life at the shelf and allow them to talk, move, sing or dance in front of the shoppers. 

Each brand activation POSM solution is connected to the internet and managed remotely via a cloud-based platform. CPG brands worldwide use the Tokinomo robotic in-store advertising solution with sales lifts of +200% on average.

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