Creative Display wins POPAI Award for campaign implemented with Tokinomo

We are excited to announce that our partner in Brazil, Creative Display, won 1st place in the technological solutions category at the POPAI Awards. The award was offered for a campaign Creative Display implemented in Sacolão Da Santa supermarkets for Umai products. 

It is always an honor to see that campaigns implemented with Tokinomo attract the attention of shoppers, but also manage to win prestigious awards all over the world. Congratulations to Creative Display for winning 1st place in the technological solutions category at the POPAI Awards. 

POPAI awards - The Oscar of Retail

POPAI Awards is known as the “Oscar of Retail”. It is the largest and longest-lasting competition in the segment worldwide. POPAI Awards is present in many countries, including France, Italy, the UK, Brazil, and the US. In the United States, there have been over 50 editions. 

POPAI Awards Brazil has been celebrating the best and most innovative retail campaigns for over 20 years. Over these years, there have been more than 6000 subscribers, more than 3000 trophies delivered to over 400 companies, and over 2000 brands involved.

This year there were over 60 subcategories in which tens of campaigns received awards. 

Creative Displays - Bringing innovation to Brazil

Creative Display contributes to manufacturing equipment, furniture, and displays, transforming the clients' and brands’ wishes into unique experiences in retail. For 24 years the company has been a reference for delivering quality, innovation, and excellence in its products and services.

Creative Display partnered with Tokinomo to bring innovation to Brazil. Since becoming Tokinomo’s partner, Creative Display managed to implement astonishing campaigns that delighted shoppers and were praised by retail experts. 

At the POPAI Awards Brazil 2022, Creative Display won 9 awards, 3 of which were 1st place, including the one for the campaign implemented with Tokinomo. 

This is not the first time Creative Display implemented a unique campaign with Tokinomo. For Halloween, they’ve prepared 3 “spooky” in-store activations for Fanta. 

Umai’s campaign in Sacolão Da Santa’s supermarkets

Creative Display brought Tokinomo to Sacolão Da Santa’s supermarkets. The retailer implemented various campaigns, including one for Umai products. Here’s a video explaining more about the impact of Tokinomo in Sacolão Da Santa’s supermarkets. 

Julio Aoki, De Santa’s supermarkets representative mentioned: 

“I'm Júlio Aoki, I'm from Santa and I'm here to talk a little bit about Tokinomo. This robotic display got here to us through Creative Display and right away I found it very interesting. Because I really like technology, I thought it made a lot of sense to have equipment like this here at the store. I think it’s great to use it at the time of product launches or when we want to give greater visibility on the shelf. It is very interesting to have such equipment. It collects the number of times the customer passes by and the robot activates. It interacts with a new twist. We are very fond of novelty and innovation and so are our customers. Also, Tokinomo helps us boost sales.” 

Tokinomo - Robotic POP display

Tokinomo is an innovative POP display that can be used for brand activations, in-store marketing, and advertising campaigns, as well as product launches. This POSM offers much more than any other type of POP display thanks to the technologies used. Tokinomo is available in over 40 countries thanks to our partners. 

Once again, we would like to congratulate Creative Display for winning 1st place in the technological solutions category at the POPAI Awards Brazil 2022. We can’t wait to see the next campaigns Creative Display implements with Tokinomo!

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