Johnson&Johnson turns Shiny Drops into a star

Johnson & Johnson takes the next step in brand communication at the point of sale

In an age where consumers have been invaded with so much information, it is essential to focus on product visibility, otherwise, you won’t get noticed. But now just anyhow. In a way that resonates with the shopper, with your brand identity, and the current marketing trends that rely on personalization and real-time communication.

Johnson&Johnson Shiny Drops Portugal

Johnson&Johnson knows that modern-day consumers have different expectations from brands, that's why they took a step forward in brand communication at the point-of-sale. 

The activation with Tokinomo robots took place in Pingo Doce supermarkets in Portugal and aimed at delivering an interactive and creative experience in order to generate more brand awareness and encourage trial amongst shoppers. 

During a Tokinomo campaign, brands have exclusivity in their category, so this gives them the amazing benefit of being the only product engaging with shoppers through motion, sound, and light and drawing their entire attention.

Have a look at Johnson&Johnson's in-store marketing activation with Tokinomo robots and enjoy the musical sound of the Portuguese language (we love it!)


Le Petit Marseillais: the first J&J brand to choose Tokinomo

Let's go back a bit down memory lane. Johnson&Johnson's first Tokinomo-powered campaign was for Le Petit Marseillais. That's what started it all. Why? Because, besides brand awareness, shopper engagement, and positive reactions from consumers, who interacted with the brand and enjoyed the experience, Tokinomo managed to do something very important for Le Petit Marseillas:

Double the market share for Le Petit Marseillais

That's right. During a period of 2 weeks of using Tokinomo's in-store marketing robots at the point of sale, Le Petit Marseillais managed to double the market share compared to the same time of the previous year.

Pachitanu George Ciprian, Senior Customer Development Manager Johnson&Johnson:

We believe that the performance of the Tokinomo device was significantly above average, doubling the market share for the overall brand versus the same period of last year. It can be said that it is a lot more efficient than a promotion.

The future of in-store communication 

With so much digitalization happening in all areas of retail, it is natural for in-store marketing to take a step forward too. Tokinomo's mission is to enrich the shopping experience and enable brands to communicate their stories in a different way directly at the point of sale. Happy we can make this happen for Johnson&Johnson and many other innovative FMCG brands.