Rana Pasta in-store activation

How Rana Pasta increased sales by 82% in just 13 days

From a humble beginning in Verona to the tables of shoppers around the world. This is how Giovanni Rana describes the story of its products. With a history of almost 60 years, Rana pasta products are appreciated all over the world. 

However, from time to time, even the best brands need to surprise their customers. This is exactly what Rana wanted to do for its fresh-filled pasta. While it might have started as a small, family-owned business, now the brand is known worldwide for its products. That’s why they decided to have a delightful brand activation in-store. 

Fresh pasta - A healthy and convenient option

With a per capita consumption of over 9 kilos in the US, it shows that both dry and fresh kinds of pasta are considered healthy and convenient meals. As expected, the biggest per capita consumption of pasta is in Italy. Italians consume pasta almost every day, which is not surprising since they are also the biggest producers of this product. 

In 2012, when Giovanni Rana opened up his factory in the US, in Chicago, the company expanded worldwide. To increase brand awareness in the East European area, Giovanni Rana planned an in-store marketing campaign. With the help of IPP (Instore Power Provider) Romania and Tokinomo’s robotic POSM, Rana pasta had an amazing brand activation that delighted customers in-store.

Giovanni Rana’s Objectives: Surprise, Delight, Sell

Since Rana pasta is not the biggest competitor on the pasta market in Romania, the brand decided to implement a unique in-store campaign with the following objectives:

  • Raise brand awareness
  • Increase shopper engagement at the point of purchase
  • Lift sales in-store
  • Position Rana Pasta as a healthy and convenient option

In-store activation with robotic POSM

In order to achieve these goals, the brand decided to try out the most innovative robotic POP display, Tokinomo. The in-store activation took place in 9 Auchan stores, in Romania. For 13 days, Tokinomo helped Rana Pasta share its message with customers. 

With a simple, yet delightful message, Rana Pasta showed how simple it is to prepare and enjoy its products. Tokinomo robot held and moved the bag of fresh-filled pasta while sharing its message. 

Here’s how the campaign looked: 


Positioning Rana Pasta as a healthy and convenient dinner option

One of Rana Pasta’s goals was to position its fresh-filled products as a convenient dinner option. The campaign message stated: "Hey! Would you like to experience an Italian feast in the comfort of your home? It’s easy! Choose your favorite Rana Pasta, boil some water, add the pasta and in just 3 minutes the food is ready!"

With this message, shared in the stores with the help of Tokinomo’s audio technology, shoppers learned how easy it is to prepare an Italian meal with Rana Pasta. 

Increase shopper engagement at the point of purchase

This special campaign managed to attract the attention of shoppers in-store. Because of its unique implementation with Tokinomo, the campaign was a hit. Shoppers stopped to listen to the message and ended up choosing Rana Past as their option for dinner. 

Tokinomo’s interactive POP display activates when shoppers pass by the product. In this campaign, the robot activated and shared the message 165.203 times!

Raising brand awareness in-store

Another important objective achieved by Rana Pasta was the increase in brand awareness. Tokinomo is known for its ability to attract attention and increase brand and product awareness. On average, after a campaign, 40% of customers mention that they remember the name of the product. 

82% increase in sales

The biggest and hardest objective to achieve for this campaign was to increase sales. While it might be easier to attract customers, it’s not that easy to convince them to purchase your product. 

However, Rana Pasta reported an 82% increase in sales (compared to the previous 13 days) after the campaign. 

What did Rana Pasta think about this campaign?

With the help of IPP Romania and Tokinomo, Rana Pasta managed to complete all of its objectives while delighting customers in-store: 

  • Raised brand awareness in-store
  • Captured the attention of shoppers and engaged them
  • 82% sales increase in just 13 days
  • Positioned Rana pasta as a convenient meal option

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