Alpro in-store marketing campaign

Alpro Greek Style generated trial among shoppers with an innovative brand activation campaign

During the COVID-19 lockdown, customers spent considerably less time in brick and mortar stores. Considering this, FMCG brands had a major challenge to face: Attract and engage shoppers in-store. 

Danone, a world-known brand, decided to promote one of its newest plant-based products: Alpro Greek Style. However, there were many things to consider, including the fact that this is a category with low penetration. 

Before digging deeper into the study, let’s highlight some of the most important things about the plant-based dairy market. 

Plant-based products: Among the favorites

Plant-based milk has been around for a few decades. However, over the years, brands discovered that there is a bigger demand on the market for plant-based dairy products. Apart from milk, shoppers wanted to try out plant-based yogurt and cream cheese. Now, you can find a wide variety of plant-based dairy products, from cashew milk to almond milk ice cream. 

As of 2020, U.S. sales of plant-based yogurt grew by approximately 20 percent. While some shoppers choose these products because of their dietary restrictions, others select them because they are looking for a healthier or lighter alternative. 

No matter the reason, shoppers are starting to fall head over heels for plant-based products. That’s why Danone started producing Alpro, one of the most popular plant-based range of products. 

While in the US the consumption of plant-based products is increasing, on the Eastern European market, not many customers are eager to switch from regular dairy to plant-based alternatives. 

With that in mind, Danone released its newest product: Alpro Greek Style. They wanted to find an innovative way to promote their innovative product and that’s how they decided to implement a campaign with Tokinomo, the best robotic POS display

Danone Alpro Objectives: Attract, Engage, Sell

Danone implemented an innovative in-store brand activation with the following objectives: 

  • Raise brand awareness
  • Generate trial among customers
  • Increase sales

Innovative in-store activation with robotic POP display

To achieve those objectives Alpro needed a campaign that could catch the attention of shoppers in-store. The campaign took place in Romania, in 17 Carrefour stores in June 2020. For 14 days, Tokinomo helped Alpro Greek Style deliver its message and attract customers. 

With catchy messages and a robotic POP display, Alpro managed to be the star of the aisle during the campaign. 

Take a look at how the campaign unfolded: 


Raised awareness with an innovative solution

For your products to be top of mind for customers, you should always focus on brand awareness. However, in-store, there are hundreds of brands, all beautifully arranged on shelves and refrigerators. How can your brand stand out? By using a novel in-store marketing solution like Tokinomo. 

During this campaign, Alpro managed to increase brand awareness. Also, they managed to increase product visibility in-store. 

Generated trial among shoppers 

Apart from attracting the attention of shoppers, Alpro Greek Style generated trial among customers. When you have an ingenious, healthy, and delicious product, then you need the right solution to convince shoppers to give it a try. 

48% increase in sales in just 14 days

We saved the best for last. Attracting attention and encouraging shoppers to try out your product might not seem like difficult challenges. However, lifting sales in-store during a pandemic sure seems like a laborious task. 

However, Alpro managed to lift sales by 48% with the help of Tokinomo during the in-store marketing campaign.

What did Alpro think about this campaign?

With the help of Tokinomo, Alpro managed to complete all of its objectives while engaging customers in-store: 

  • Raised brand awareness right at the point of purchase
  • Generated trial among shoppers
  • 48% sales increase in just 14 days

“Tokinomo was the perfect solution to attract shoppers to our innovation, Alpro Greek Style, during a context in which the time spent in-store was considerably lower. With the help of Tokinomo’s technology, not only did we manage to have a +48% sell out in the stores in which we activated vs those without Tokinomo, but we managed to very quickly build trial and further sales. In a category with low penetration but a fantastic innovation, Tokinomo was the perfect tool for a successful launch.” 

Mircea Balan, Senior Brand Manager Alpro, Romania, Bulgaria & Adriatics

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