Youthopia Innovates Trade Marketing in the Philippines with Tokinomo Robots

A new chapter of in-store marketing opens in the Philippines, as we have just signed a partnership with Youthopia Activation Specialist Inc. regarding distribution and management of Tokinomo in-store marketing robots for regional FMCG brands. 

 This partnership continues the growing expansion of Tokinomo around the world and provides new opportunities for trade marketing specialists to promote their products in grocery retail shops. Shopper marketing innovation is even more important during these challenging times, when the COVID19 Pandemic imposed numerous restrictions in supermarkets and the consumer behaviour challenged the traditional ways of doing in-store advertising

  Shoda Ladero, CEO & President of Youthopia says:

 It’s a truly amazing shopping experience. Tokinomo robots manage to engage all the senses and really focus on the story the product has to say, rather than on rational benefits like price reductions or special offers. I believe this is the true magic of it. Tokinomo technology enhances the emotional connection between the brand and the shopper, which leads to sales, engagement and brand loyalty. This is what we want for our clients: to provide a new medium that allows their products to unfold their unique personality right at the point-of-sale, in an unprecedented way. I am very happy about this partnership and I see a great future for Tokinomo in-store marketing robots in the Philippines.” 

 FMCG brands expecting Tokinomo technology to enter the Philippines market are about to experience a different approach to in-store marketing, which involves deep customisation and a data-driven and performance-oriented workframe, since Tokinomo provides brands with access to real-time data from each and every store the robots are installed in. Other Tokinomo benefits include: 

  •  High shopping engagement and increased product visibility in store
  • +200% sales increase on average without price cuts
  • Increased product recognition 
  • Cloud-based campaign management platform
  • Real-time analytics and custom reports
  • Custom-made battery  

“When you’re looking to expand the footprint of your company worldwide, having an innovative and efficient product is not enough anymore.” said Ionut Vlad, CEO of Tokinomo. “The network of partners becomes crucial for the success of the business. We are very careful when choosing Tokinomo partners, because we want to maintain high standards in every aspect of our operations. And today I say I’m very honoured to shake hands with Youthopia, since they are an established company that shares not only our values and mission, but also our enthusiasm for innovation. I’m very happy to welcome them in what I like to call the Tokinomo family”. 

About Youthopia

 Youthopia Activation Specialist Inc. is one of the leading brand activation agencies in the Philippines. For the last 16 years, the Youthopia has handled several brand activation campaigns for leading multinational companies such as Procter & Gamble Philippines, Nestle Philippines, Abbott Laboratories, Coca-Cola Far East LTD, Unilab, Alaska Milk Corporation, NutriAsia, Voyager Innovation Inc, GRAB Philippines among others. The Agency specializes in in-store marketing and is always innovating to develop the ultimate in-store shopping engagement tools and approach for our clients’ brands and their target consumers. 

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