Bonjour, France! We are happy to inform you that our innovative interactive in-store marketing robots are now ready to skyrocket CPG brands sales and engage shoppers in French supermarkets like never before. Innovation brought to you by Optimark, the official distributor of Tokinomo in France. 

Our innovative, award winning robot for in-store experiential marketing campaigns uses a unique combination of technologies, sensors, motion, light and sound to bring products to life on the shelf. It’s doing that by giving products a voice, a personality and by allowing them to interact with the shoppers in a truly memorable way. 

For a physical retailer it’s quite important to find new ways of communicating value, telling the brand’s story in order to make people emotionally invested in their grocery shopping experience. 

Storytelling has many benefits a retailer can use, like humanizing the brand, conveying what a brand is about, and placing the focus on the shoppers.

Besides doing an amazing job to delight shoppers through creative marketing experiences, Tokinomo is also one of the most efficient POP marketing solutions, as it manages to boost sales and product awareness beyond comparison. 

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