Happy to announce that Zaicor is the official distributor of Tokinomo in Saudi Arabia. Zaicor is a marketing activation agency with a group of passionate and creative professionals who are prepared to break barriers and bring change to Saudi Arabia.

As we know the old business model of retailers should be adapted to the times we live in, and the concept of customer experience should be taken seriously, because this will be the key factor to increase sales.

And of course, Tokinomo, through Zaicor, will be there to back up any business who needs help.

Selling through brick-and-mortar retailers, represents one of the greatest challenges in making a product stand out among competitors. It’s easy for customers to glance over your product without considering what makes it unique.

Tokinomo not only gives to the product the visibility it needs to stand out from the crowd, but it also can be a powerful tool in communicating its story to potential customers – right at the point of sale. Using a unique combination of technologies, sensors, motion, light and sound, Tokinomo brings products to life on the shelf by giving them a voice and a personality and allows them to interact with the shoppers in a truly memorable way. That makes our patented, certified and award-winning device the most efficient POP marketing solution on the market.

FMCG brands from around the world use the Tokinomo solution to create immersive experiences for shoppers in supermarkets and brick and mortar stores.

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