Chiflar's in-store marketing campaign

Tuto Snack brings a special crunch to in-store marketing campaigns in Ecuador

An in-store marketing campaign should be engaging and entertaining if brands want to capture the attention of shoppers and increase the chances of them making a purchase. 

This is exactly what Tuto Snack wanted and so it relied on Tokinomo to achieve its objectives. In an attempt to promote their Chiflar products, Tuto Snack implemented an in-store marketing campaign that was a real success. Before presenting this campaign’s results, let’s find out more about the product category Chiflar is part of. 

Organic chips: The healthier side of snacking

As customers are starting to put their health first, brands are focusing more and more on organic products. Also, food allergies are on the rise and shoppers are more concerned about their diets. This means that regular chips and snacks are seeing a decrease in demand. Actually, the organic chips market has seen a growth of 37% in the last year just from North America. 

Considering that the product category has seen an increase in demand, Tuto Snack wanted to attract the attention of shoppers and make Chiflar Jalapeno chips top of mind in Ecuador. This is why they decided to implement an in-store marketing campaign with the help of Tokinomo. 

Tuto Snack's Objectives: Attract, Impress, Sell

Tuto Snack set out the following objectives:

  • Raise brand awareness
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Increase sales

In-store marketing campaign activation with robotic POSM

Since the product category is seeing a rise in demand, more and more brands are starting to produce plantain, organic chips and Tuto Snack wanted to stay on top of the competition with an innovative campaign. 

The brand decided to use Tokinomo robots to attract the attention of shoppers. The campaign was implemented in Gran Aki Granado Plaza from Ecuador. Tokinomo spread Chiflar’s message for 27 days, from 2 to 28 February 2021

This is what shoppers were able to see during the in-store campaign:

Increase brand awareness

One of the main goals of this campaign was to increase brand awareness. We can safely say that this objective was achieved because of this amazing campaign. When customers saw that a bag of chips was interacting with them, they couldn’t help but stop to find out more and even make a purchase.

Better engagement at the point of sale

When a bag of organic plantain chips starts talking to you in-store, you might as well stop and engage with it, right? That’s exactly what shoppers did when they saw this campaign. Tuto Snack prepared a joyful message for Chiflar’s campaign: 

“Hey... take your Chiflar now! Enjoy them alone, with family, or with friends. Chiflar: Crispy to perfection.”

250% increase in sales with no price reduction in Gran Aki Granados Plaza

Wondering what was the biggest achievement of this campaign? We can say for sure that it is the 250% increase in sales. And no, the brand didn’t cut the price of the product to increase sales. In just 27 days, Chiflar Jalapeno saw an increase in sales of over 250%. 

Considering that most in-store campaigns lead to an increase in sales of only 20%, we are glad to see that Tokinomo can lead to a 10X increase in sales. 

What did Tuto Snack think about this campaign?

The brand along with goTrade, Tokinomo’s partner in Ecuador, we’re very pleased with the in-store marketing campaign. Also, with the help of Tokinomo, Tuto Snack managed to achieve all of its initial goals:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Up to 250% increase in sales with no price reduction
  • Engaged shoppers at the point of sale

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