In-store activation for Strongbow

From the fridge to the shopping bag: Strongbow’s in-store campaign

What makes a campaign successful? It depends on the campaign. Some are memorable because of the creative idea behind them, while others are memorable because of their implementation. 

This is the case with Strongbow’s in-store campaign. Heineken, the brand that produces Strongbow, wanted to create a great in-store campaign for their product. One thing to keep in mind: Strongbow is placed in the fridge in-store. This means that they have less space and a different environment, compared to products placed on the shelves. 

However, with a robotic POSM like Tokinomo, almost any type of in-store activation can be implemented. Before we dive into the results of the campaign, let’s talk a little bit about cider. 

Cider: Not a beer, not a soda, but somewhere in between

Cider is a product category that arrived in the stores of East European stores less than a decade ago. While Western Europe accounts for 52.8% of the yearly cider consumption, Eastern Europeans prefer traditional drinks like beer and wine. That’s why Eastern Europe accounts for only 8.3% of cider consumption. 

This makes it challenging for brands like Heineken to promote their product, Strongbow. Since customers are not eager to try out this kind-of-new product category, the brand needs to come up with engaging campaigns to generate trial among customers. 

Heineken’s Objectives: Engage, Try, Purchase

Considering the challenging task, Heineken decided to try out a unique type of brand activation: one implemented with a robotic POSM. For this campaign, Heineken wanted to achieve these objectives:

  • Raise brand awareness
  • Increase engagement at the point of sale
  • Generate trial among shoppers
  • Lift sales in-store

Brand activation with innovative POSM

In an attempt to convince shoppers to give Strongbow a try, Heineken came up with a great campaign: Buy a Strongbow for a chance to win a bike or a DSLR camera. To promote this campaign, Strongbow relied on Tokinomo. 

The campaign took place in Romania, in 10 Carrefour stores. Tokinomo shared Strongbow's message for 14 days. This is the campaign message: Feel like trying something new? Have a cider and get your friends together for a high-altitude holiday. Sign in on our website and you can win a bike or a DSLR camera every day.

Curious to see how the campaign looked? Have a peek: 

Catch the attention of shoppers in-store

One of the most important things to consider when implementing any campaign in-store is to make it as attractive as possible. You only have a few seconds to catch the attention of customers. 

With the help of Tokinomo, their price promotion, and a clever message, Strongbow managed to catch the eyes of customers. This is extremely important, especially since Strongbow products were on the fridge, not on the shelves, where customers look first.

Increased shopper engagement in-store

Another important thing during an in-store activation is to engage shoppers. If you get their attention, but you don’t have something interesting to keep them engaged, they will end up purchasing from the competition. 

During this campaign, Tokinomo activated and shared Strongbow’s message 170.334 times! Every time a customer passed by the fridge, Tokinomo sensed them and started to engage with them. 

30% increase in sales

Finally, the most important objective and the hardest one to achieve: Sales increase. Thanks to the robotic POSM, Heineken managed to increase sales by 30% for Strongbow. This sales increase was for the promoted SKU, compared to the previous 14 days. 

Great results for a great campaign in-store!

What did Strongbow think about this campaign?

By relying on Tokinomo, Strongbow managed to achieve all of its objectives, in just 14 days. This campaign helped the brand:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Capture the attention of shoppers in-store
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Lift sales by 30%

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