Curd Cheese - In-store campaign

A cheesy and innovative shopper marketing campaign for Cache Valley

Shopper marketing campaigns are implemented with the sole purpose of engaging with customers right at the point of purchase. However, with the right solutions, you can gain more from your campaign. 

Cache Valley Creamery wanted to implement a campaign that could take shoppers by surprise and convince them to try out their brand of Curd Cheese. That’s why, they decided to test Tokinomo, the most innovative POSM for shopper marketing campaigns.

While Curd Cheese is not a very popular product, Cache Valley managed to attract shoppers and increase sales with this campaign. Before we dig deeper into the results, let’s take a look at something everybody loves: cheese!

Does anybody know exactly what Curd Cheese is?

Cheese is a favorite for most people. No matter if it’s cream cheese, cottage cheese, or American cheese, people seem to enjoy it very much, especially in the US. In 2020, the average cheese consumption per capita was 40.2 pounds of cheese. Also, in the last 10 years, consumption per capita has increased by more than 5 pounds.

Curd cheese doesn’t really seem to be a fan favorite for cheese lovers. However, with the right campaign, Cache Valley Creamery managed to attract shoppers and generate trial among them.

Cache Valley Creamery’s Objectives: Attract, engage, and sell

Cache Valley Creamery implemented this shopper marketing campaign with the following objectives in mind: 

  • Raise brand awareness
  • Increase shopper engagement 
  • Lift sales in-store

Cheesy shopper marketing campaign

This shopper marketing campaign took place in one Payson Market store in the US. For 10 days, Tokinomo shared various messages and moved the pack of curd cheese to attract the attention of shoppers in-store. 

Here’s how the campaign looked: 

Took customers by surprise in-store

As you might expect, a moving Curd cheese bag that talks is definitely surprising. People were amazed to see the bag of cheese move towards them and talk. Because innovation and cheekiness go hand in hand, the messages of the campaign were a blast

“Want some fresh news? We’ll just listen to the radio. I’ve only got fresh cheese here and by the way, it’s delicious, but I guess that’s just old news.”

“Sorry to bother you, but my girlfriend just kicked me out of the house. She said I’m way too cheesy. Can I stay in your belly for a while?”

“Hey! I heard you are a great parent. I mean, can you imagine that some parents are not buying their kids the best curd cheese there is? How cruel can people be?”

“Do you know who I am? I’m a cheese curd. What? What do you mean what is a curd. That’s preposterous! Everybody knows that a cheese curd is something that tastes awesome.”

Increased shopper engagement

Funny and cheesy messages, a great retail tech solution, and a tasty product. What more can you ask from a shopper marketing campaign? Of course, once people strolled by the Cheddar curd cheese and Tokinomo activated, they did not pass by without stopping. 

This led to an increased shopper engagement, which was to be expected considering the funny messages.

60% increase in sales with price lift

Most FMCG brands rely on price reductions to convince customers to buy more. However, during this campaign, Cache Valley Creamery actually increased prices by 15%!

Even with the price lift, during this campaign, there was a sales increase of 60%. This comes to shows that, with a creative campaign message and an innovative implementation, any brand can increase sales at the point of purchase.

What did Cache Valley Creamery think about the campaign?

By testing out Tokinomo, Cache Valley Creamery managed to achieve all of its objectives for this shopper marketing campaign:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased shopper engagement
  • Lift sales by 60% with a price increase of 15%

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