MAGGI Mameun Spices - Shopper activation

Maggi’s shopper activation adds a bit of spice in stores

Implementing a campaign in-store that it’s both easy to set up and attractive for customers is a challenge. However, with the right solutions, you can manage to create shopper activation campaigns that can bring astonishing results. This is the case with Maggi’s spices. Before we dive deeper into the case study, let’s find out more about the spices and condiments market.

Let’s spice things up!

Spices and condiments are essential for preparing meals that are both nutritious and delicious. However, the competition is fierce in this product category. There are over 4.000 businesses in the seasoning, sauce, and condiment production in the US alone.

Also, in 2020, due to the Pandemic, the demand for spices and condiments decreased. In 2021, the demand seemed to grow back to its normal level. In 2022, the global spices and herbs market was estimated at 79 billion U.S. dollars. The global market for spices is likely to witness expanding its valuation to about 126 billion U.S. dollars by the end of 2023.

With this in mind, Maggi wanted to promote its Memeun Spices product in the stores from Ivory Coast and the brand decided to opt for an innovative solution to implement the campaign.

Maggi’s Objectives: Engage, Try, Purchase

When Maggi decided to implement the campaign, it had the following objectives:

  • Raise brand awareness
  • Increase engagement at the point of sale
  • Lift sales in-store

Shopper activation with a robotic POSM

Maggi Mameun Spices is composed of natural ingredients (ginger, chicory pepper, garlic, iodized salt), that are used to give a rich aroma and a great taste to the meals. To spice things up, Maggi relied on a robotic POP display to better engage customers. 

For 10 days in 3 Carrefour stores in Ivory Coast, Tokinomo promoted Maggi’s Mameun Spices. 

Curious to see how the campaign looked? Have a peek: 

Catch the attention of shoppers in-store

As you can imagine, talking spices and condiments are not a usual occurrence when you go shopping. This is why customers were amazed to see this campaign in their local supermarket. With the help of Tokinomo, Maggi managed to attract attention in the first few seconds. 

Increased shopper engagement in-store

The talkative spices made shoppers stop and stare. Tokinomo helped Maggi Mameun Spices share their simple, yet effective message in-store:

Ginger, pepper, chicory, garlic, full of natural ingredients that you love to make your dishes taste even tastier. Cooking with MAGGI is life-changing.

653% increase in sales

The most important and the hardest objective to achieve was the lift in sales. However, with an innovative approach, Maggi managed to increase sales by 653% in just 10 days. This is an astonishing achievement for an in-store shopper activation. 

What did Maggi Ivory Coast think about this campaign?

MAGGI and the retailer were very satisfied with the campaign they implemented with Tokinomo. 

Since the campaign exceeded their expectations, they plan to organize a second campaign outside the holiday period in order to assess the real impact of Tokinomo on the sales of MAGGI products.

With the help of Tokinomo, Maggi managed to achieve all the objectives:

  • Increased shopper engagement
  • Brand awareness
  • 653% lift in sales

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