Kinder goes viral on social media

Ferrero Kinder's in-store activation goes viral on Social Media

People love sweets and breakfast and that’s why so many brands make sweet products for breakfast. Ferrero is one of those brands and it has many sweets available all over the world. However, being a world-renowned brand doesn’t mean Ferrero should stop promoting their products. 

When an FMCG brand launches a new product, it needs to make sure that it creates a buzz. This is what Ferrero wanted to do for its newest product, Kinder CéréAlé. 

Robotic POP display creates a unique in-store activation

Ferrero wanted to have a unique in-store brand activation campaign for Kinder CéréAlé and that’s why the brand decided to use the best shelf robot, Tokinomo. With the help of light, sound, and motion technology, Tokinomo managed to bring Kinder CéréAlé to life. 

Ferrero’s objectives

Launching a new product during a pandemic as a big FMCG brand is a hard task. However, Ferrero is not a brand that gives up on a good challenge. For this campaign Ferrero wanted to:

  • Launch a new product in-store in an innovative way
  • Increase customer engagement at the point of purchase
  • Increase brand awareness

Innovative campaign in-stores 

For Kinder CéréAlé Ferrero wanted to create a bit more buzz than usual. That’s why it decided to find an innovative way to present the product at the point of purchase. With the help of Optimark, Tokinomo’s distributor in France, Ferrero installed 80 Tokinomo devices in different stores in France, including the store Hyper U Les Arcs.

The in-store campaign that went viral

While regular in-store campaigns rarely appear on the Internet, Kinder’s in-store activation attracted the attention of in-store shoppers and social media users. People were amazed to see Kinder CéréAlé talk and move on the shelf and they filmed the campaign. 

Intrigued by this new, innovative robotic POP display, Je Bosse en Grande Distribution posted a short clip from Kinder’s in-store brand activation on Twitter and LinkedIn. This clip was retweeted almost 4000 times and received over 500 comments in the first two days. LinkedIn users were also amazed by the clip and that’s why there are over 59.744 views on Je Bosse en Grande Distribution’s post. 

Want to see how the campaign looked? Check it out:

Increase awareness in-store 

Thanks to Tokinomo and Optimark, Ferrero managed to attract the attention of shoppers in-store. Kinder CéréAlé had a great in-store activation and customers were more engaged than ever. 

In order to make sure that customers actually notice your products, you need to find innovative ways to promote them. With Tokinomo’s sound, motion, and light technologies, Ferrero managed to create a unique in-store activation for its new product. 

Word-of-mouth marketing

The best part about Tokinomo? It will get people talking about your brand! This is how word-of-mouth marketing starts. Because it has a different approach and it’s much more engaging, people will take photos and videos of the campaigns. Then, they will share them with friends and family and even post them on social media. 

In Kinder’s case, this is exactly what happened. A simple video managed to attract attention and ended up going viral on social media. 

Ferrero accomplished all of its objectives

Despite all of the challenges that involve launching a new product in-store, during a pandemic, Ferrero managed to accomplish all of its objectives for this campaign:

  • Found an innovative way to launch their product
  • Increased engagement at the point of purchase
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Bonus: Benefited from word-of-mouth marketing

What Optimark said about the impact of the campaign

Optimark, Tokinomo’s distributor in France, was content with the results of the campaign, especially after the in-store activation for Kinder went viral on social media. 

Gabriel Gonnet, Optimark’s director of commercial development stated: “To date, Tokinomo's greatest successes in France concern Ferrero, Le Chat, and Président. In some cases, the product has recorded more than 150% increase in sales - while the average increase is around 20% with classic POS displays!"

Ready to launch your product in an innovative way?

If you want to make your product stand out from the crowd, especially when it is new to the market, then you need to find a unique way to promote it. Kinder’s campaign was a success and there are many other success stories of how FMCG brands used Tokinomo for their in-store activations. 

Engage customers at the point of purchase!

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  • Raise brand awareness
  • Increase product visibility
  • Increase shopper engagement
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  • Acquire more customers
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