Stalinskaya Music Successful brand activation

300% sales increase in 14 days for Stalinskaya Music

Promoting an alcoholic drink in-store during a pandemic? That was no problem for Stalinskaya. Using Tokinomo's brand activation robots, a leading spirits market company, PRODAL,  introduced a new beverage in grocery stores, called Stalinskaya Music. 

Stalinskaya is one of the top-selling alcoholic brands in Romania. Now, they wanted to create some buzz around Stalinskaya Music, which is a combination of Stalinskaya vodka and fruit juice. The refreshing summer beverage needed a great in-store campaign to attract the attention of shoppers and that is how it all started. 

Stalinskaya's sales and marketing objectives: 

When they decided to promote their ready-to-drink beverage, Stalinskaya had the following objectives:

  • Increase Stalinskaya Music brand awareness
  • Lift sales
  • Test out the Tokinomo brand activation solution

Make your drink talk in-store

Stalinskaya decided to use Tokinomo brand activation technology, to advertise their alcoholic beverage - Stalinskaya Music. The campaign took place in 9 Cora grocery stores. For 2 weeks, bottles of Stalinskaya Music talked and moved on the shelf. 

This campaign attracted the attention of shoppers while they were in-store. Also, the message spread by Stalinskaya Music managed to get shoppers in the summer mood, despite the COVID Pandemic: The air conditioning in the supermarket does not compare with the sea breeze? Stalinskaya Music. As intense as the first dip in the sea this year.  

The in-store campaign had great success, all objectives being met, and with a whooping sales lift of 300%.  What to see what it looks like? Here a short video:

Raising brand awareness

One of the best things about using Tokinomo to implement a brand activation campaign in-store is that you can increase brand awareness. Shoppers were surprised by Stalinskaya’s campaign which led to an increase in brand awareness. 

Also, stats show that customers are 40% more likely to remember the name of your brand when you implement a campaign with Tokinomo. 

300% sales increase

In just 14 days, Stalinskaya Music saw a 300% increase in sales. The campaign managed to attract attention and convinced shoppers to try out this breezy ready-to-drink beverage. The summer mood caused by the campaign message plus the innovative in-store robot Tokinomo was a great combo. 

Regular in-store campaigns implemented with old-school POSM can increase sales by less than 20%. In this case, Tokinomo's in-store marketing activation managed to help Stalinskaya increase sales by 300%. 

Halo effect

Another interesting thing that happened during the in-store marketing campaign was the Halo Effect. Instead of increasing sales just for the product that was promoted, all of the products in that category saw an increase in sales. This means that customers were influenced right at the point of purchase and they bought more. 

What did Stalinskaya think about this campaign?

This campaign was a big success for the Stalinskaya brand. They managed to accomplish all of their objectives: 

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Testing out new in-store solutions
  • Increase sales

Also, they benefited from the halo effect which led to sales increase for more products, not just the one that was promoted.

Are you ready to promote your product? 

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