Shopper activation in times of COVID-19

Grocery retail has changed significantly in the last few months due to the new Coronavirus. With sampling campaigns cancelled and people fearing human interaction, what can you do to highlight your products at the shelf and create an emotional connection with your shoppers? It's easy. Use the only in-store interactive display tool that complies with social distancing and brings back the smile on your customers’ faces: Tokinomo.


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Tokinomo is an interactive robotic shelf display that uses a combination of lights, motion and sound technologies to bring products to life at the shelf and create a memorable and engaging in-store experience for shoppers, that can be customized to communicate your brand benefits while increasing product awareness and sales.


Tokinomo robots have a built-in motion sensor that detects shoppers approaching your product at the shelf.


Our robot instantly brings your product to life and starts engaging the shopper through motion, sound and light.


The shopper is attracted by the interactive display and engages with the product, while feeling safe and protected.

Retail has changed. So should you.

In times of crisis, the key to success is to adapt. Social distancing has set out new rules for in-store promotions as well, but that shouldn’t stop you from communicating the story of your product in an engaging and memorable way inside the store. 

Bring back shoppers closer to your products

The perfect alternative to a hostess or a promoter that communicates your product benefits inside the supermarket, our interactive robotic display lets your product stand out and speak for itself, by instantly giving it a voice and a personality. Not only that customers will feel safe to approach it even while Coronavirus is still a threat, but they will be happy to do it. See for yourself! The following video contains real footage from the supermarkets and authentic customer reactions. 




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