P&G Fairy - In-store Marketing Campaign

P&G Fairy’s brand activation increases sales by 61%

Home care products might not be the most entertaining FMCG products. However, this doesn’t mean that you should stick to a boring in-store activation. 

Fairy decided to promote its new product in an innovative way and that’s why they chose Tokinomo Shelfobot. Before we show you how they managed to increase sales by over 60% let’s take a look at the home care industry.

Detergents and home care products vs innovation

Revenue in the Home & Laundry Care market amounts to US$195bn in 2023. The market is expected to grow annually by 4.20% (CAGR 2023-2028). Taking care of the house is important, but customers don’t usually change their preferences when it comes to home care products. Statistics show that over 75% choose the same products most of the time. 

How can you convince these loyal customers to test out your products? By bring innovation to a market that lacks it, just like Fairy from P&G did. 

P&G’s Objectives: Raising awareness

P&G implemented this in-store promotional campaign with these objectives in mind: 

  • Raise brand awareness
  • Promote its new product
  • Increase sales

Eye-catching brand activation campaign

The campaign took place in Spain, in Masymas Supermercados. For 30 days, Tokinomo Shelfobot presented Fairy Maxi Power to shoppers. 

Raising awareness at the POP

In order to promote its new product, P&G chose Tokinomo Shelfobot and implemented an in-store activation. Tokinomo Shelfobot helped Fairy attract the attention of shoppers with an informative message:

Hey! Psst. Have you seen that I'm turned upside down? That's really cool!

I am the new FAIRY MAXI POWER, more comfortable and easier to use than ever!

Getting to know the product

When you implement a brand activation campaign with a retail technology solution like Tokinomo Shelfobot shoppers are going to recognize your products. It is a great way to show you are an innovative company that puts creativity first. 

61% increase in sales

In 30 days of campaign in Masymas Supermercados, Fairy’s sales rose by over 61% without price cuts. This is a common result when using a retail solution like Tokinomo Shelfobot.

What did P&G think about the campaign?

By using Shelfobot, P&G managed to achieve all of its objectives for this in-store activation campaign:

  • Raise awareness in store
  • Promote its new product
  • Lift sales by 61% in

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