Marli Vital Sales increase

Granini increases sales by 303% for Marli Vital

The younger generation puts more emphasis on health. That is why many FMCG companies like Granini are promoting their healthy drinks. How can your product stand out from the crowd? With a special in-store campaign with Tokinomo Shelfobot. 

In this case study, you will find out how Granini managed to increase sales for its Marli Vital products. Before we dig deeper into the case study, let’s take a brief look at some stats regarding this product’s market.

Natural juices with vitamins

In 2018, almost 9.1 billion liters of fruit juice and nectar were consumed in EU-28 countries. However, fruit juice consumption steadily decreased between 2013 and 2019. In an effort to attract attention to its healthy products, Granini wanted to implement a one-of-a-kind campaign in-store. 

To differentiate its products from the competition, Granini chose Tokinomo Shelfobot for its campaign.

Granini’s Objectives: Interactive in-store

Granini implemented this brand activation with the following objectives in mind: 

  • Raise brand awareness
  • Engage shoppers at the point of sale
  • Increase sales

Engaging shoppers with in-store activation

The campaign took place in Finland, in 11 Kesko stores. For 21 days, Tokinomo Shelfobot talked to shoppers about the sweet and sour natural juice.

Take a look at the campaign: 

In-store campaign

During this in-store activation, Tokinomo Shelfobot helped Marli Vital attract the attention of shoppers with a message that focused on the benefits of the product:

“The fresh taste of the new Marli Vital juice drink comes from cranberries, lingonberries, and rosemary. It is also rich in vitamins E and C which boosts protection of your cells.”

Brand awareness

When you implement a brand activation campaign with a retail technology solution like Tokinomo Shelfobot shoppers are going to remember your product. During this campaign, the devices activated over 184.200 times. 

303% increase in sales

In 21 days of campaign, Marli Vital’s sales increased by over 303% without price cuts. This is an amazing result, especially for an in-store marketing campaign. 

What did Granini think about the campaign?

By using Shelfobot, Granini managed to achieve all of its objectives for this in-store activation campaign:

  • Raise awareness in store
  • Promote its healthy juice
  • Lift sales by 303% 

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