Visibubble, Lego's playful in-store secret

Visibubble, Lego's playful in-store secret

Enter the realm of Visibubble, Tokinomo's pioneering POP display solution, redefining the landscape of in-store marketing. Join us as we unravel the success tale of LEGO's advertising campaign for DREAMZzz, brought to life by the enchanting allure of Visibubble.

Unveiling LEGO's Advertising Campaign

Visibubble LEGO embraced the innovative capabilities of Visibubble to showcase its imaginative DREAMZzz products. Spanning across 33 Auchan and 17 Noriel stores in Romania, Visibubble became the stage for LEGO's advertising campaign, captivating audiences with its whimsical charm for an entire month.

Visibubble: The Gateway to Imagination

Visibubble served as the gateway to LEGO's fantastical world, captivating the imagination of shoppers with its dynamic presence and interactive messaging. Through Visibubble's captivating design and customizable features, LEGO transported shoppers into a realm where anything is possible. 

LEGO's Captivating Message

Visibubble echoed LEGO's message with a playful and inviting tone, enticing shoppers to embark on a journey of creativity and wonder:

"Here anything is possible"
"Welcome to the magical world of dreams."


Igniting Brand Engagement and Wonder

LEGO's advertising campaign with Visibubble ignited a sense of wonder and excitement among shoppers, driving brand engagement and fostering a deep connection with the LEGO brand. By leveraging Visibubble's immersive experience, LEGO created memorable moments that resonated with consumers, inspiring them to explore the endless possibilities of the DREAMZzz product line.


LEGO's advertising campaign with Visibubble exemplifies the transformative power of innovative in-store marketing solutions. Through dynamic POP displays and captivating messaging, brands can spark the imagination of shoppers, driving brand engagement and fostering lasting connections. As retailers seek to elevate their in-store experiences, Visibubble emerges as a game-changing tool for redefining the boundaries of in-store advertising and unleashing the power of creativity in the retail landscape.

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