Sedra Perfumes X Tokinomo Shelfobot: All about immersing customers’ senses

Sedra Perfumes X Tokinomo Shelfobot: All about immersing customers’ senses
Tokinomo believes in creating immersive in-store experiences that captivate and engage shoppers. The latest campaign with Sedra Perfumes in Kuwait duty-free stores exemplifies our commitment to innovative and memorable marketing. Let’s explore how we turned heads and noses with Sedra Perfumes!

Campaign Overview

Seeking to make a grand statement in duty-free stores, Sedra Perfumes teamed up with Tokinomo, leveraging the cutting-edge Shelfobot technology. The campaign, expertly coordinated by Swatyii Sen from Ad Zone, was designed to enchant travelers and elevate their shopping experience.

Execution and Strategy

This campaign took a unique approach by incorporating oversized perfume bottles as eye-catching marketing props in the duty-free area. Attached to one of these grand displays was a smaller, interactive bottle powered by Tokinomo's Shelfobot. The Shelfobot delivered an enticing sound message: “Free your senses with Sedra!” This captivating message was designed to allure travelers, highlight the fragrance's allure, and invite them to experience Sedra Perfumes firsthand.


Key Highlights

  • Captivating Display: The combination of the grand perfume bottle props and the dynamic Shelfobot created a striking visual presence that drew travelers in. The interactive smaller bottle added a touch of magic, making the display both impressive and inviting.

  • Engaging Experience: The Shelfobot didn’t just promote the perfume; it engaged the senses. The evocative message “Free your senses with Sedra!” resonated with travelers, encouraging them to explore the fragrance and indulge in its captivating aroma.

  • Traveler Delight: The campaign received rave reviews from travelers. The unique and interactive display not only increased foot traffic but also created a memorable shopping experience. Shoppers left the duty-free area talking about the enchanting Sedra display and sharing their experience with friends and family.

Results and Impact

The collaboration between Sedra Perfumes and Tokinomo was a sensory success. Here’s what happened:

Increased Foot Traffic: Travelers flocked to the Sedra display, intrigued by the captivating setup.

High Engagement: The interactive Shelfobot and engaging message led to significant customer interaction and interest.

Sales Boost: Sedra Perfumes saw a notable rise in sales during the campaign, proving that sensory marketing works.

Brand Buzz: Sedra Perfumes became the talk of the duty-free area, enhancing brand recognition and recall.

Looking Ahead

The success of this campaign demonstrates the power of combining advanced technology with creative marketing strategies to create memorable in-store experiences. At Tokinomo, we are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of in-store marketing, helping brands connect with their customers in enchanting and impactful ways.

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