Oreo Original X Tokinomo Shelfobot: In-Store Marketing with a Twist

Oreo Original X Tokinomo Shelfobot: In-Store Marketing with a Twist
Tokinomo is dedicated to creating memorable and effective in-store marketing campaigns that elevate brand visibility and consumer engagement. Our recent collaboration with Oreo Original at PLUS supermarkets in the Netherlands showcases our commitment to innovation and excellence in retail marketing. Let’s explore the Oreo Original campaign and its impact!

Campaign Overview

Oreo, a globally recognized brand, aimed to enhance the in-store presence and interaction of their Original product. To achieve this, they partnered with Tokinomo to leverage the advanced Shelfobot technology, renowned for its dynamic motion and interactive capabilities. The campaign was expertly coordinated by Marc Den Boggende from Brand Agency, ensuring a seamless and impactful execution.

Execution and Strategy

The campaign came to life through the integration of Tokinomo's Shelfobot at various PLUS supermarkets across the Netherlands. The Shelfobot was programmed with the engaging sound message: “Enjoy playfully with Oreo Original, with whom do you twist your Oreo?” This playful prompt was designed to capture shoppers' attention and encourage interaction with the Oreo Original product.


Key Highlights

  • Enhanced Visibility: The Shelfobot's dynamic display ensured that the Oreo Original product stood out on the shelves, attracting the eyes of both young shoppers and their parents. The motion, light, and sound elements created a focal point that drew customers in.

  • Increased Engagement: The interactive features of the Shelfobot created a fun and memorable experience, encouraging shoppers to engage with the product. The playful question, “With whom do you twist your Oreo?” resonated with shoppers, prompting them to interact and consider the social and enjoyable aspect of the Oreo brand.

  • Positive Reception: The campaign received widespread acclaim for its innovative approach, resulting in a significant boost in brand visibility and customer interaction. Shoppers enjoyed the interactive experience, making the Oreo Original stand out in a crowded retail environment.

Results and Impact

The collaboration between Oreo and Tokinomo proved to be a resounding success. The campaign not only increased foot traffic and engagement in stores but also reinforced Oreo's commitment to innovative marketing strategies. The use of Tokinomo's Shelfobot technology helped Oreo achieve their marketing objectives, setting a new standard for in-store promotional activities.

Key Metrics

Increased Foot Traffic: Significant increase in the number of shoppers visiting the Oreo display.

Customer Engagement: High levels of interaction with the Shelfobot and product.

Sales Boost: Notable uplift in sales of Oreo Original during the campaign period.

Brand Visibility: Enhanced presence and recall in the retail space.

Looking Ahead

The success of the Oreo Original campaign underscores the potential of combining advanced technology with creative marketing strategies. At Tokinomo, we are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of in-store marketing, helping brands connect with their customers in new and exciting ways.

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