Nivea X Tokinomo Shelfobot: Fight Back Traditional In-Store Marketing in Malaysia

Nivea X Tokinomo Shelfobot: Fight Back Traditional In-Store Marketing in Malaysia
We’ve always had in mind to design groundbreaking and interactive in-store marketing campaigns that enhance brand visibility and foster consumer engagement. Our recent collaboration with Nivea in Malaysia is a testament to our dedication to innovation and excellence in retail marketing. Let’s delve into the Nivea campaign and its impressive outcomes!

Campaign Overview

Nivea, a globally recognized skincare brand, aimed to amplify the in-store presence and engagement of their Extra Bright Body Lotion. To accomplish this, they teamed up with Tokinomo, utilizing the Shelfobot technology. The campaign was skillfully coordinated by Lily Wong from Shopper360, ensuring a seamless and impactful execution.

Execution and Strategy

The campaign was brought to life through the strategic deployment of Tokinomo's Shelfobot at various retail outlets across Malaysia. The Shelfobot was programmed with a captivating sound message:

“Fight back! New Nivea Extra Bright Body Lotion! Infused with 40 times vitamin C and eight superfoods to get brighter and smoother skin in as early as two weeks.”

This attention-grabbing message was designed to attract shoppers, highlight the product’s benefits, and encourage immediate purchase.


Key Highlights

  • Boosted Visibility: The dynamic display of the Shelfobot made Nivea Extra Bright Body Lotion stand out on the shelves, attracting the attention of shoppers. The combination of motion, light, and sound elements created an engaging focal point that drew customers in.

  • Enhanced Engagement: The interactive features of the Shelfobot provided a memorable shopping experience, encouraging shoppers to interact with the product. The informative message underscored the product’s unique benefits, resonating with shoppers seeking effective skincare solutions.

  • Widespread Acclaim: The campaign was widely praised for its innovative approach and compelling messaging, resulting in a significant increase in brand visibility and customer interaction. Shoppers enjoyed the engaging and informative experience, making Nivea Extra Bright Body Lotion a standout product in the skincare aisle.

Results and Impact

The collaboration between Nivea and Tokinomo proved to be a remarkable success. The campaign not only boosted foot traffic and engagement in stores but also underscored Nivea's commitment to promoting effective skincare solutions through innovative marketing strategies. The utilization of Tokinomo's Shelfobot technology enabled Nivea to achieve their marketing goals, setting a new benchmark for in-store promotional activities.

Key Metrics

Foot Traffic: Significant rise in the number of shoppers visiting the Nivea Extra Bright Body Lotion display.

Customer Engagement: High levels of interaction with the Shelfobot and product.

Sales Increase: Notable uplift in sales of Nivea Extra Bright Body Lotion during the campaign period.

Brand Recognition: Enhanced presence and recall in the retail space.

Looking Ahead

The success of the Nivea Extra Bright Body Lotion campaign highlights the potential of merging advanced technology with creative marketing strategies. At Tokinomo, we are eager to continue pushing the boundaries of in-store marketing, helping brands connect with their customers in new and engaging ways.

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