Tokinomo is now available in Russia

Tokinomo is ready to help Russian retailers and brands implement amazing in-store advertising campaigns. We are happy to announce that we have a new partner in Russia, JSB Shop. In search of the greatest in-store solutions, JSB Shop found Tokinomo, the best robotic POP display and decided to make it available for retailers and brands in Russia. 

JSB Shop originally focused on anti-theft solutions for retailers, but saw potential in our in-store robot and wanted to bring it to Russia. We are excited to see what types of in-store promotions will be implemented with the help of Tokinomo. 

About JSB Shop

Founded in 2008, JSB Shop made stores safer because of their anti-theft solutions. Now, more than 12 years after it was founded, JSB Shop is diversifying its store solutions and it included the best in-store robot, Tokinomo, in its portfolio. 

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