Libya, Tokinomo wants to say hello!

Tokinomo robots are now traveling to Libya, thanks to our new partner, Alsaref Company LLC. It’s exciting for us to know that Alsaref Company LLC trusts us and believes that Tokinomo can help brands and retailers increase sales and promote their products in a unique way. 

Alsaref Company LLC decided to bring Tokinomo robots as a solution for their clients when it comes to in-store marketing and promotions. Since our partner, Alsaref Company LLC, tries to innovate and keep us with trends, the partnership with Tokinomo was the next natural step. 

Ionut Vlad, Tokinomo’s CEO mentioned:

“Our in-store marketing robots are traveling to Libya and we couldn’t be happier. I believe that our partnership with Alsaref Company LLC is beneficial for us, them, and the whole retail market in Libya. We hope to see amazing campaigns implemented with Tokinomo in Libya.” 

About Alsaref Company LLC

Alsaref Company LLC is a newly formed food distribution company. Based in Tripoli, Libya, Alsaref Company LLC prides itself in having one of the best sales and distribution teams in their profession. 

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