Marketing budget leftovers? Use them wisely!

It’s almost the end of the year and you still have some budget left for in-store marketing campaigns? Relax. Instead of beating your brains out on how to spend it in December on activities or acquisitions you’re not even sure you like, invest that money in something that will surely bring you significant growth next year. 

Book now your best in-store campaign for next year

Use this year's budget to secure your next year's most successful campaign. Our award-winning shelf advertising robot is known for one thing in particular: it increases customer engagement and sales beyond compare. Tokinomo uses sensor-based technology, sound, lights, and movement to engage all the senses of the shoppers and create a real-time connection between them and the brand. Results? +200% average increase in sales. And that's just one of the reasons to book a Tokinomo campaign in advance. 

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Enjoy special rates with Tokinomo Prepaid 

Good things come to those who plan in advance. Book and pay for Tokinomo credits until December 31st and you'll get a very special price. One that will probably make you book more! Up your in-store marketing game with the most interactive point-of-sale solution and enjoy the benefits. Just say the two magic words - Tokinomo Prepaid - and we’ll make it happen!

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What are Tokinomo credits? 

This is how Tokinomo Prepaid works: based on your remaining budget, we’ll calculate the number of Tokinomo Credits that you can buy in advance. Tokinomo credits equal the number of Tokinomo in-store marketing campaign days you’ll get. After you make the payment, we’ll secure those credits for you, which you can use however you want. All in a single long campaign or split into more campaigns throughout the year. For example: 1000 credits can be used in 100 stores x 10 days, 10 stores x 100 days, 50 stores x 20 days and so on. Everything is under your control! 

Get ready for outstanding results in 2021

Tokinomo robots hit all three major requirements of any successful in-store marketing campaign. 

Tokinomo Product Visibility

Due to its unique combination of motion sensors, lights, sound, and movement, Tokinomo instantly grabs the attention of the shopper.

tokinomo customer engagement

Tokinomo robots bring products to life and start a dialogue with the shoppers. This in turn, makes them approach and interact with the product.

tokinomo increase in sale

While other traditional in-store solutions struggle to reach a 20% increase in sales, Tokinomo has an average of +200% sales lift, without any price cuts.


One of the goals of an in-store marketing campaign is to engage customers and to make them remember your product. Tokinomo has a proven record of making customers smile and interact with the products, even in difficult times, like the current Pandemic. Here's real footage caught by a hidden camera in a French supermarket with shoppers reacting to a Tokinomo-powered campaign. See for yourself the effect it will have on your customers if you decide to use it next year!






It’s no secret that COVID-19 had a huge impact on in-store marketing and advertising. Sampling campaigns have been put to a stop and consumers behaviour and priorities changed. Tokinomo is a safe way to enhance product visibility and generate shopper engagement while respecting social distancing measures. Also, it’s the only POS solution that keeps on entertaining customers and making them smile even in times of Pandemic. 

FAQ: Is Tokinomo Prepaid available in all countries?

Yes, we have launched Tokinomo Prepaid throughout our entire global network of partners, so wherever you are in the world, you can benefit from this opportunity. 


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  • Unparalleled customer engagement 
  • High product visibility 
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