Our expertise lies in the professional packaging market, the retail POP market and in the copacking fulfilment service. Redbox is 100% owned by the Meuti family, founded in 1993. Chosen in 2010 to become an official partner of International Paper, to develop the speciality packaging and grow the retail POP market in the EMEA area. During the last years we kept growing in the market, with a continuous focus in our philosophy, we strongly believe that our company is guided by customers needs, continuously careful of their satisfaction.


This is why we have one of the most advance R&D packaging and retail design divisions able to keep up the trends. Our production quality standard and our regulatory certifications are meeting the most challenging requests. We operate on EMEA level, with several European customers, delivering in several countries.

Country:Italy Website: Phone:+39 06 9145779 Address:Via Laurentina, 191 Km 27.200-0071 Pomezia(RM)