If there was a GPS or some sort of app to show us where the heck is that thin border between being relevant and being totally annoying to our customers, how many of you would buy it? SOLD OUT. Sorry, we are out of stock. Just imagine having Siri or Alexa giving you a brief report like: Hi Steve, your in-store campaign is going perfectly fine, but seems like that tall lady with the two

3 Strategies for High Product Visibility

Posted by Corina on November 29, 2019

If you are looking to increase sales in your store, you will need to boost product visibility. When there is stiff competition from the e-Commerce market and with constant access to smartphones so shoppers can research products online, product visibility in-store can make or break a sale. We now live in a world where the experience economy has transformed the retail space; shops are no longer a place just to buy goods, but where shoppers
During the first weeks of November, Tokinomo was exhibited in the first temporary Museum of Romanian Advertising and Brands, which could be visited at Arcub (Hanul Gabroveni), Bucharest The gallery offered visitors an amazing display of old Romanian brands, newspapers, posters, toys, electronics and even an old Mobra motorcycle. A true delight for people who are passionate about vintage products and the history of advertising and marketing. How did Tokinomo fit in? Well, the museum
There’s no denying that the brick and mortar stores are still very much alive, but it’s also true that e-commerce is a huge competitor. Traditional stores now need to work harder to attract and retain their customers, and a big part of that is through improving the customers’ in-store shopping experience. So, here are some things you can do to keep the in-store shopping experience unique, enjoyable and memorable: Loyalty Schemes Loyalty schemes have been
Don’t read it twice, you got it right from the first time. Boosting sales in store has become one of the biggest challenges for you. You’ve tried it all: special displays, sales promoters, funny wobblers, super contests and even cutting off prices, although you know that’s not such a good idea on the long run. Don’t lose hope, we’ve got your back! What if we told you that there’s a way to immediately boost sales